Colombia arrests paramilitary fugitive

Manuel Salvador Ospina Cifuentes was arrested after being on the run for almost a decade.

Colombia arrests paramilitary fugitive

World Bulletin / News Desk

Colombian police have arrested senior paramilitary commander Manuel Salvador Ospina Cifuentes, otherwise known as Movil 5, who has been on the run since being found guilty of the massacre of 43 people in the Pueblo Bello village in 1990.

The commander, who is also suspected of killing the leader of Colombia's largest paramilitary group, the AUC, Carlos Castano, was arrested in the city of Medellin after a lengthy surveillance operation.

Once a security guard for Carlos Castano's brother, Fidel, Cifuentes is accused of killing the villagers who supposedly stole 43 cows belonging to Fidel Castano. Cifuentes later allied himself with another Castano brother, Vicente, after Fidel's death in 1994.

Vincete is believed to have ordered his brother Carlos's murder in 2006 after it was feared that he would reveal the location of his illegal drug stashes to the authorities. He was later jailed for 30 years for the murder.

Cifuentes likewise was sentenced to 30 years in absentia.

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