Colombia peace deal: 5 key points

Here are five key elements of the peace accord that the sides say will end Latin America's oldest civil conflict.

Colombia peace deal: 5 key points

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Colombia's FARC rebel force formally finishes disarming on Tuesday after spending more than half a century fighting state forces.

- Arms -

The FARC have handed their weapons to United Nations monitors in return for security guarantees for demobilized fighters.

The rifles will be melted down and turned into three monuments in Colombia, New York and Cuba, which hosted peace talks.

- Courts -
Those accused of crimes in the conflict will go before special courts and could get reduced sentences if they confess.

Most are expected to do so. Those who do not face up to 20 years in jail. The FARC has pledged to use its assets to compensate victims.

- Drugs -
The FARC have promised to help stamp out the drug production that has fueled the conflict in areas under its control.

The state promised to develop alternative sources of revenue for growers of coca, the raw ingredient of cocaine.

- Land -
Land rights for poor rural communities were at the root of the conflict when it erupted in 1964.

The accord promises land, credit lines and basic services for rural communities, with millions of dollars of investment.

- Politics -
The FARC will transform into a political party, with five seats in each chamber of congress granted to it under the accord.

FARC members could win more seats in the 2018 elections. Their candidates are granted protection against possible attack by groups opposed to the accord.

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