Cuba, US to soon exchange ambassadors

Cuban president says longtime foes to name envoys after island's removal from US terror list.

Cuba, US to soon exchange ambassadors

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Cuba's expected removal from the U.S. terror list later this month will be followed by an exchange of ambassadors between the longtime foes, Cuban President Raul Castro said Tuesday.

Castro's remarks came at Havana’s international airport, where he told reporters that the countries would be able to name ambassadors after "this kind of unjust accusation" was lifted, according to media reports.

The Caribbean country was placed on the list of state sponsors of terror in 1982 because of what Washington said were efforts "to promote armed revolution by organizations that used terrorism."

Cuba's presence on the U.S. list was widely seen as a major obstacle for the opening of full embassies in the respective capitals.

President Barack Obama approved Cuba's removal from the list April 14 after a state department review of the country's record and assurances.

A 45-day review period that would give the U.S. Congress time to oppose Obama's plan is scheduled to end May 29.

The decision to remove Cuba from the list indicated an important step for Obama’s effort to reverse more than 50 years of Cold War-era hostilities between the two countries.

The U.S. and Cuba announced last December that they would work to normalize relations.

The U.S. broke diplomatic ties with Havana in 1961, two years after communists seized power on the island.

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