Ecuador indigenous protesters release soldiers

The soldiers were "detained by community members" in the province of Tungurahua, where indigenous Ecuadorans have been protesting against the government for the past week-

Ecuador indigenous protesters release soldiers

World Bulletin / News Desk

Indigenous protesters opposed to Ecuador President Rafael Correa briefly detained then released 27 soldiers in the country's southern mountains Thursday, authorities said.

The defense ministry earlier had said only two troops were detained but regional governor Lira Villalba told AFP the protesters also held a military vehicle with 25 soldiers in it.

All were released Thursday night. In return, the soldiers' captors had demanded the release of dozens of indigenous demonstrators who'd been arrested in earlier protests, but it was not clear if those demands had been met.

The protests, which have included roadblocks throughout the country and a day of demonstrations in the capital Quito, have turned violent at times, leaving 105 police and 12 soldiers injured, according to the government.

Many indigenous Ecuadorans are angry with Correa's government for not allowing them more control over water resources, education and land.

They also oppose a package of constitutional amendments currently before Congress that would allow Correa, a leftist economist in office since 2007, to stand for reelection when his current term ends in 2017.


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