Nicaragua grants Salvadoran ex-president asylum

The Nicaraguan government said Tuesday that it had granted political asylum to Mauricio Funes, the former president of El Salvador, who has been under investigation by the Salvadoran authorities allegations of corruption

Nicaragua grants Salvadoran ex-president asylum

World Bulletin / News Desk

Nicaragua has granted political asylum to El Salvador's former president Mauricio Funes, who faces corruption accusations at home, officials said Tuesday.

The leftist leader, in office from 2009 to 2014, was covered by laws that "guarantee asylum... to those who are persecuted for fighting for democracy, peace, justice and human rights," the Nicaraguan government said.

Funes, who condemns the allegations against him as politically motivated, is facing an investigation for illegal enrichment during his time in office.

The Salvadoran Supreme Court froze his bank accounts in February saying the origin of the $700,000 they contained was unknown.

He denies allegations that he filled his pockets while in power, saying he is the victim of a "political vendetta" because he exposed corruption under the conservative government that preceded him.

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega, a fellow leftist, was an ally during Funes's time in power.

His government acknowledged Funes had been granted asylum after a journalist spotted him at a local supermarket in August.


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