Venezuela Catholic Church calls govt 'dictatorship'

The plan "will be imposed by force and its result will be that constitutional status will be given to a military, socialist, Marxist and communist dictatorship," the head of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, Diego Padron, told a news conference.

Venezuela Catholic Church calls govt 'dictatorship'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Venezuela's Catholic Church raised pressure on the leftist government Friday in a deadly political crisis, warning that its drive for constitutional reforms is turning the country into a "military dictatorship."

An influential voice in Venezuela, the church has long had strained relations with President Nicolas Maduro, who is under mounting opposition and international pressure to hold early elections.

The center-right opposition accuses Maduro of maneuvering to cling to power against its demands for a vote on removing him.

It blames him for an economic crisis that has caused shortages of food and medicine. He says the crisis is a US-backed conspiracy.

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