Venezuelans watch news bulletins acted live on bus

Maria Gabriela Fernandez and Dereck Blanco stand on board inside a black frame. "El Bus TV," reads a sign over their heads.

Venezuelans watch news bulletins acted live on bus

World Bulletin / News Desk

Short of newspapers, Venezuelans are getting updates about their country's deadly political crisis live -- acted out by reporters on the bus to work.

"Good morning everyone. First, the news."

It's less comfortable than a TV studio -- they have to hold onto the rail with one hand to stop themselves from falling when the dilapidated bus brakes. But it's one way of escaping government censorship.

"The idea came from the need to break away from the news circus in this country," the group's creative editor Claudia Lizardo told AFP.

"To bring people truthful news through a mass transport system: the bus."

Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 Haziran 2017, 14:35