Friday’s dailies focus on a new brawl in the Turkish parliament and heavy snowfall that has gripped Istanbul since last Tuesday.

The Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Turkish dailies mainly dedicated their front pages to news of a fresh brawl in parliament on Thursday night over a homeland security bill.

HABER TURK said “Shame,” featuring a photo of the melee. The daily added that tension rose in the Turkish parliament over a controversial security bill with some members of the ruling party and the opposition engaging in fist fights.

An earlier debate in the Turkish parliament over a new security bill was suspended on Tuesday night after a brawl between rival MPs.

HURRIYET claimed that a deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party, Suat Unal, pushed another lawmaker from the main opposition People’s Republican Party, Orhan Duzgun, who tumbled down some steps.

The newspaper said Duzgun did not suffer any major injury.

Reporting on the same story, MILLIYET used the headline: “Continue to brawl.”

Turkish newspapers also covered the heavy snowfall that paralyzed sea, air and traffic transportation in Istanbul; the front page of Friday MILLIYET reads “Last 28 years’ snow record.”

The newspaper added that the bad weather would return to a seasonal normal on Friday.

VATAN and YENI SAFAK used a similar headline – “28 years’ record” – adding that the last milestone was broken in 1987 when snowfall measured 63 centimeters in Istanbul.

VATAN reports that snowfall measured 70 centimeters in Istanbul’s rural western district of Catalca.

Friday’s newspapers also covered a UEFA Europa League match between Turkish team Besiktas and English Premier League side Liverpool. “The Eagles were defeated but they have hope,” said SABAH, reporting that Liverpool edged out Besiktas 1-0 at Anfield on Thursday night.

The newspaper reported that the return match would be in Istanbul on Feb. 26.

In economic news DUNYA reports that Turkey’s energy watchdog, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, ruled to apply for a ceiling price policy in oil sales, which would lead to a slight decrease in petrol prices – around 2 percent per liter.

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