Majority of Tuesday’s newspapers cover floods in western Turkey, new Greek Prime Minister Tsipras's visit to the Greek Cypriot side and the inflation rate impact on markets.

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Tuesday’s newspapers dedicated their front pages to floods in western Turkey, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s first visit to the Greek Cypriot administration and the inflation rate's impact on markets.

VATAN ran the headline: “Century’s disaster,” referring to the flood in the northwestern province of Edirne.

The daily reported that 5,500 people have been evacuated in two neighborhoods and 93 tons of ammunition on the Greek border was moved to more secure locations. A state of emergency has been declared in the region.

YENISAFAK ran a photo showing a military vehicle stuck in a flood in Edirne. The paper said that the province has been the most-affected by the heavy rain across the Marmara region.

“Hail hit Taksim” was HABERTURK’s front-page headline. The daily reported that sudden hail and lightning struck central Istanbul; a photo showed the city’s Taksim square under a blanket of white hail as if buried by snowfall.

In other news, "I call on Turkish government," was MILLIYET’s headline referring to Greek PM Tsipras’ remarks over the issue of Cyprus. The daily reported that Tsipras gave a message to Turkey and Turkish Cypriots -- to establish a common future together.

He said: "The Cyprus issue is 40 years old, like me. This issue should be resolved from now on.”

Tsipras paid his first foreign visit to the Greek Cypriot side and met with Turkish non-governmental organizations Monday.

AKSAM wrote: "It is the first on the island," referring to the Tsipras’ meeting with Turkish Cypriots. SABAH stated that his meeting with Turkish Cypriots was different from preceding Greek leaders.

The Cyprus dispute goes back to 1960 when a Treaty of Guarantee was signed between Turkish and Greek Cypriots, along with the British government.

This treaty banned the island of Cyprus from participating in any political or economic union with any other state, as well as making other parties guarantee its independence, territorial integrity and security.

The inflation rate announced Tuesday was another news item that some newspapers focused on. YENISAFAK ran the headline: "Critical day for interest rate."

The Central Bank will announce its interest rate cut depending on the inflation rate, the paper said. On Monday, Turkey's Central Bank Governor Erdem Basci said: "If inflation decreases significantly, we will hold a meeting to evaluate the inflation outlook."

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci said Friday that lower interest rates were needed to stimulate growth. "At the present juncture, interest-rate reductions are already late," Zeybekci said: "We find it meaningless for Turkey to tolerate high interest rates out of fear."

On its front page, DUNYA wrote that markets, which have focused on inflation rates, are waiting for a step from Central Bank, which will not increase the fever of the dollar.

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