Friday’s dailies heavily covered reflections on the deadly gun attack on a French magazine as well as the Turkish PM’s announcement of new incentives for working women.

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Almost all Turkish newspapers on Friday dedicated their front pages to reflections on Wednesday's attack on the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” which left 12 people dead.

"One million Charlie Hebdo,” says CUMHURIYET, referring to the magazine’s decision to publish one million copies of its next issue in defiance of the assault. According to the newspaper, the magazine’s usual print run is around 60,000 a week.

The daily also quoted one of the contributors of the magazine, Patrick Pelloux, as saying: “stupidity will not win.”

CUMHURIYET also printed two banners, which read "Je Suis Charlie" – a slogan which has become the main rallying cry of support for the French magazine.

The front page of Friday’s MILLIYET read: “Terrorist hunt.” The newspaper reported that police were searching for two suspects in northern France.

Police identified the two suspects as brothers Said Kouachi, 34, and Cherif Kouachi, 32.

VATAN said “Thousands of them in Europe,” referring to many extremists who returned to their countries after fighting in the Middle East. The newspaper claimed that the two suspects were also trained as “assassins” at al-Qaeda camps in Yemen and had returned to France last summer.

“The pen cannot be silent,” says HURRIYET, publishing a front-page photo of Parisian protestors holding pens in the air.

“The prophet [Mohammad] wouldn’t approve,” says HABERTURK, quoting Turkey’s head of religious affairs, Mehmet Gormez, who condemned the Charlie Hebdo attack.

In other news, Turkish newspapers covered Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s announcement on new incentives for working women, aimed at creating a better work-life balance and assisting child care.

“1,300 TL [$560] for having 3 children,” reads the front page of Friday’s HABER TURK.

The daily reports that the government will directly pay grants to mothers of 300 Turkish lira for one child, 400 Turkish lira for two children and 600 Turkish lira for three children.

“Bonus for marriages and births,” says HURRIYET. The daily reports that the government is set to begin offering monetary incentives in an effort to encourage Turkey’s families to have more children.

“First gold from the state,” says YENI SAFAK, referring to a Turkish tradition where relatives present gold to a newborn baby.

According to the newspaper there would also be bonuses for marriages. 


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