Monday's dailies cover Greece's bailout referendum and latest developments on the Turkish-Syrian border


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Monday's dailies mainly covered the Greek bailout referendum and latest developments on the Turkish-Syrian border.

“Slap to Europe,” was VATAN’s headline, reporting on a ‘no’ delivered by Greek voters in a referendum on a proposed bailout from the country’s international creditors.

VATAN claimed if Europe does not back down from its demands on the bailout terms, Athens could leave the single currency.

“The results mean a political victory for [Greek Prime Minister Alexis] Tsipras but the country will have hard times. If the European Union does not give money to Greek banks, they will collapse,” VATAN warned.

“Greece said ‘No’,” was MILLIYET’s headline while “Oxi [No in Greek] to Europe from Greek people,” was HURRIYET’s.

Turkish dailies reported that European leaders will come together to discuss the result.

The referendum asked Greek citizens to vote “Yes” or “No” on proposals to raise taxes and cut spending from Greece’s creditors -- the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, also dubbed the ‘troika’.

Prime Minister Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis – who resigned early Monday – had been at the fore of calls for a ‘no’ vote, claiming it will give the government greater powers in its negotiations with creditors.

European politicians involved in the talks have claimed the opposite, saying that rejecting the proposals risks a Greece exit from the euro.

The troika is demanding further pension cuts and tax increases for business and farmers in return for a 7.2 billion euro ($8 billion) bailout. Greece urgently needs 16.3 billion euros to pay public servants and keep the country running.

Many Turkish dailies covered military activities on the Syrian-Turkish border as Ankara says it will not allow the formation of "threatening structures" on Turkish borders.

SABAH claimed the Turkish army has prepared plans to bolster security measures at 13 border crossings with Syria.

“Armored vehicles are on patrol between border crossings for 24-hours while reconnaissance flights have been increased,” the daily wrote, adding that the Finance Ministry has allocated extra funds for the newly adopted measures to be implemented as soon as possible.

HABERTURK reported that missile batteries have been re-located to the border. It said Major General Zekai Aksakalli, the commander of the country’s special forces, has readied his troops.

Meanwhile, AKSAM wrote that Turkey’s cabinet would meet at the Presidential Palace in Ankara on Monday to discuss Syria.

In sports news, Turkish dailies said Portuguese footballer Nani had arrived in Turkey to join Istanbul side Fenerbahce.

“Nani madness,” was MILLIYET’s headline, reporting that thousands fans welcomed the player. “Fenerbahce will be a chance for me to show myself again,” Nani said, according to the daily.

Nani had been playing for English side Manchester United.

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