Turkish newspapers have focused on the prime minister's remarks on corruption, an anticipated parliamentary commission ruling on last December's anti-fraud probe, plus the shooting dead of two police officers in New York

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Turkish papers on Monday focus on Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s speech on corruption at the ruling Justice and Development Party’s provincial congress in Ankara.

YENI SAFAK’s front-page headline quotes the prime minister as saying: “We won’t allow corruption.”

According to newspaper, Davutoglu said that his government was determined to hold accountable all those who take action against the “national will” through “conspiracies under the cover of corruption claims.”

VATAN also quoted Davutoglu as saying: “Whoever dares to reach for our national treasure, for any reason, or our resources on the grounds of corruption and makes ill-gotten gains in any way; we are determined to cut off their arm.”

Reporting from the same event AKSAM quoted the prime minister as saying: “Those who imprisoned our citizens wrongfully or blackmailed them with false evidence, should know that they will not be able to dare doing it again.”

His remarks followed last Sunday's police operation against senior media figures and police officers in 13 provinces across Turkey for allegedly being affiliated with what the government describes as the "parallel state" – a purported group of bureaucrats embedded in the country's institutions, including the judiciary and the police.

HURRIYET ran with the headline “Decision day,” referring to a parliamentary commission which was established after last year’s Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 corruption probe operations.

A number of high-profile figures, including the sons of three former government ministers and leading Turkish businessmen were accused of corruption in the 2013 police operation.

The commission will meet today to decide whether to send those linked to the probe to the country's Constitutional Court.

According to newspaper, the commission has nine members from the governing AK Party, four members from the main opposition Republican People’s Party as well as one member from Nationalist Movement Party.

Turkish newspapers also covered the killing of two police officers in New York.

MILLIYET said: “Gunman killed two police officers in revenge.”

The newspaper reported that an African-American New Yorker killed the NYPD officers amid widespread anger of the deaths of two other African-American men who have lost their lives in recent incidents with the police.

The newspaper quoted New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton as saying: "Today, two of New York's finest were shot and killed, with no warning, no provocation. They were, quite simply, assassinated – targeted for their uniform."


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