Turkish dailies on Monday mainly cover latest developments in Ukraine, Turkey’s PM's speech on the Holy Birth Week of Prophet Muhammad, the probe on defamation against wiretapping case judges and the second tube tunnel project beneath the Istanbul Strait.


Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

“Court spoils the game” says daily YENI SAFAK in its headline, reports on the parallel state's timing to give a bill of exception when a specific judge on duty aimed to free six policemen who were arrested as part of investigation into claims of illegal wiretapping. The parallel state is a reference to the Gulen Movement - many of whose followers are allegedly working in the country's police and judiciary.

“The parallel state was planning to free six arrested police officers through submitting a bill of exception to a specific judge, whose husband stopped to search trucks belonging to National Intelligence Organization (MİT) in the province of Adana. Realizing the by-pass plan, another judge sent the case to a senior court,” the newspaper said.

Daily MILLIYET covered Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech on the Holy Birth Week of Prophet Muhammad. “Interfering in private lives, taping conversations and using it as blackmail conflicts with our religion’s principles,” the newspaper quoted Erdogan as saying.

“Ukraine launched operation at dawn”, said daily VATAN in its front page: “After pro-Russian supporters occupied local government buildings, Ukraine military launched an operation where two people were killed and 9 wounded in the town of Slavyanks and Kramatorks.”

Daily TURKIYE headlined “Mastership Productions in Istanbul”, referring to the mega projects of the last ten years, both in operation or still under construction in the city. “After the third bridge project, the construction of the second tunnel started off under the Istanbul Strait . The tunnel will be built in two levels under the sea and will reduce travel time from 100 minutes down to 15 minutes”, the newspaper said.”

TURKIYE named the five-mega projects in Istanbul as two tunnels under the Istanbul Strait and three bridges over it. “The size of these projects reflects the Turkish economy’s progress”, the newspaper added.

Similarly, VATAN covered the issue under "Mole under the Istanbul Strait" headline.

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