Friday’s papers cover the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit held in Istanbul


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Friday’s newspapers mainly covered the outcomes of 13th Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Istanbul.

“Terrorist organizations never represent Islam” was SABAH’s headline, quoting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The daily reported that Erdogan used his opening speech on Thursday to say that organizations which have harmed innocent people do not represent Islam.

“Our religion is a religion of peace and compromise,” Erdogan said.

HURRIYET’s headline was “Message of Istanbul.”

The newspaper also quoted Erdogan: “Today, terrorism and violation are the biggest challenges of the Muslim world. If we fall out with each other, the more the innocents who have put their hopes in us will be exposed to strife.”

YENISAFAK chose headline: “Call for unity.”

The paper claimed that Erdogan offered four projects in the meetings.

One of them is establishing an Istanbul-based police cooperation and coordination center, the second is the formation of a woman’s conference within the OIC, other is founding an umbrella organization for Red Crescent societies, the fourth is creating a system of arbitration among Muslim states.

MILLIYET’s ran a front-page headline: “Islamic Interpol.”

The daily reported that OIC member states agreed to establish an Istanbul-based police cooperation and coordination center to tackle terror and other crimes.

“It would be helpful to establish a structure among member states that will strengthen and institutionalize cooperation against terror and other crimes,” the Turkish leader said.

HABERTURK wrote “Erdogan: we need to defeat sectarianism.”

The paper reported that the Turkish leader stressed that Muslims need to overcome the provocations of sectarianism. “My religion is neither Sunni nor Shiite. My religion is Islam,” Erdogan said.

The issue dominated other papers’ headlines.

STAR chose, “Invitation to rise”, VATAN ran “Islamic Interpol” and ZAMAN used “Towards Islamic unity.”

Currently the two-day summit held is addressing the situations in the Muslim world as well as in Palestine, Syria and Azerbaijan. 

Turkey will take over the bloc’s chairmanship for the next two years during the summit.

In economics news, financial newspaper DUNYA ran the headline “Turkey can reduce interest rate 75 basis points, condition [is] suitable,” quoting John Hardy, head of FX Strategy at Saxo Bank.

Hardy said that the current global financial circumstance gives Turkey more advantages, and he added that the Turkish lira would gain two percent value against the U.S. dollar.

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