Turkish dailies on Friday are covering President Abdullah Gul telling business leaders to "not get demoralized" over Turkey's political environment, remarks by the country's transport minister over the possible pixelation of "malicious content" on Twitter and the ongoing travails of the embattled chairman of scandal-hit Istanbul football club, Fenerbahce.


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Almost all Turkish dailies on Friday covered a speech by President Abdullah Gul at the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen’s Association on Thursday in Ankara.

Daily RADIKAL quotes President Gul telling the business community: 'Do not get demoralized'.

"I can see some negative things, but these are all temporary," the daily quotes the president as saying.

Gul said Turkey was continuing to make progress, having learnt from recent difficulties. Daily VATAN runs with the headline: 'Everyone should get on with their work' - citing the president as he delivered messages of calm, encouraging business leaders not to be intimidated by the tense political environment.

Daily HABER TURK points out that Gul was alone in the meeting, unaccompanied by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan or any ministers.

Most Turkish dailies covered a statement by transport minister Lutfi Elvan regarding Twitter. Posts that include 'malicious content' will be pixelated, Elvan said in a written statement on Thursday following high-level talks between a delegation from the social-media site and the Turkish government.

"Twitter will pixelate" is how daily STAR covered the issue, quoting Elvan saying: "We have reached consensus to neutralize the 'malicious content' that is object of court decisions."

Twitter, however, has rejected the idea of opening of a contact office in Turkey, according to daily MILLIYET. Daily HABER TURK runs with "Ice Age starts in Twitter" saying the pixelated content will not be seen in Turkey but will be available from abroad.

Dailies also covered the return of Turkish soccer club Fenerbahce's head Aziz Yildirim to prison to complete his sentence after being convicted in connection with a match-fixing scandal.

Daily SABAH covers the issue under the title "Bad news for Yildirim". He will stay in prison for over two years as the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court of Appeals rejected the chairman’s appeal, the paper says.

The match-fixing scandal broke during Turkey’s 2010-11 football season as Fenerbahce won its 18th title. Many important football figures such as chairmen, players and board members were taken into custody due in connection with alleged match fixing, incentive bonus payment and bribery.

Daily RADIKAL says Yildirim, who has already spent one year in prison, has only the Constitutional Court left as an appeal route.

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