Today’s dailies mainly cover the death penalties in Egypt plus German President Joachim Gauck’s visit to Turkey and his criticisms of the government.


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Tuesday’s dailies mainly cover the death penalties in Egypt and German President Joachim Gauck’s visit to Turkey plus his criticism of the Turkish government.

Daily YENISAFAK ran the headline "Mass death decision", referring to an Egyptian court's decision to sentence 683 people to death on Monday.

“[The] Junta court in Egypt became an inquisition court by sentencing 683 people to death yesterday. The decision was protested against in many provinces of Turkey while Western countries who support the coup in Egypt chose to remain silent as usual,” the newspaper said.

The daily TURKIYE ran with the headline: "683 death sentences in 9 minutes".

Daily HURRIYET covered German President Joachim Gauck’s visit to Turkey under the headline of “’Why, when you are strong?’”

“Do you have to ban Twitter? Will the government’s judicial intervention strengthen democracy?” the newspaper quoted the German president as saying.

The newspaper also quoted Gauck’s speech in ODTU, a Turkish university in Ankara: “As a democratic person, I have to raise my voice whenever I see that the state of law is at risk, even if it is not in my own country. Recently, we have been hearing criticisms and frustrations from many people in Turkey over the government’s approach. I have to admit that these developments worry me.”

Gauck also said he is worried about the “separation of powers” in Turkey.

Daily HABERTURK reported that both the Turkish and German presidents traded criticism in a press conference. The newspaper quoted Gauck as saying: “Friends criticize each other. Why is the Turkish government banning Twitter and interfering in judicial issues?” The newspaper quoted Gul as saying: “Nobody is perfect.”

The newspaper also included President Gul’s criticism of racist killings and Islamophobia in Europe.

Daily RADIKAL announced on its headline that the Turkish government was preparing new reforms in an effort to ease tensions before the country’s August presidential election.

According to RADIKAL, the reopening of a Greek Orthodox seminary in Istanbul, giving official status to Alevi Muslims’ places of worship, intensifying internal dialog and improving relations with Israel are among the government’s reform agenda.

“The government wants to calm the political climate ahead of the presidential election,” the newspaper commented.

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