Monday’s papers cover President Erdogan’s remarks on terrorist organizations


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Monday’s newspapers covered President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks on the cooperation of different terrorist organizations.

“PKK, YPG, ASALA and ‘parallel’ [state organization] side by side” was SABAH’s headline, quoting President Erdogan.

The daily reported that Erdogan said during his visit to the U.S. he had seen representatives of the PKK terrorist organization, its Syrian affiliate the People's Protection Units (YPG), the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), and the parallel state cooperating with each other.

“This was proof, evidence. This is why I call on my naive, pure brothers who support the parallel state to be conscious about whom they are with,” Erdogan said in a press conference held at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport, right after arriving in Turkey from the U.S.

HABERTURK chose the same headline as SABAH, quoting Erdogan, adding that he said the “parallel state organization are not shedding tears for those martyred [soldiers, policemen] in Turkey”.

MILLIYET also quoted Erdogan as saying “that organization [parallel state], especially in the U.S., carried out intense campaigns of abuse and smear campaigns against Turkey”.

The issue dominated other papers’ headlines.

The parallel state, which is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, runs a network of schools and businesses. The Turkish government says this has allowed its supporters to infiltrate state organs such as the judiciary and police.

Investigations into the parallel state have seen hundreds of civil servants, including police and public prosecutors, arrested or reassigned.

ASALA is the Armenian terrorist organization that killed 31 Turkish diplomats across the world between 1973 and 1986.

In other news, dailies covered the return of migrants from Greece under a readmission agreement signed by the European Union and Turkey aimed at stopping the influx of migrants and refugees into Europe.

“Forced migration starts today,” was CUMHURIYET’s front-page headline.

The paper claimed that 400 Pakistanis and 100 Syrian migrants from Greece’s Chios and Lesbos islands would be settled in Turkey today.

MILLIYET wrote: “Dikili [Turkish coastal district] will be transfer center.”

The returnees will be settled first in Dikili and, after a registration process, they will be transferred to Turkey’s northwestern province of Kirklareli, close to the Bulgarian border.

HABERTURK ran the headline “Welcome”.

The daily quoted Interior Minister Efkan Ala as saying: “We demanded 500 people as a first group. Those who come to readmission centers will not be settled on the coastline.”

“Syrians will be sent to refugee camps. Those who came from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq will be sent back to their countries,” Ala added.

The issue dominated other papers’ headlines. VATAN wrote “Exchange day” and AKSAM uses “500 migrants come today.”

HURRIYET chose “Flow of last day,” referring to how migrants have made final efforts to reach Greek islands before the agreement came into force.

According to a new readmission agreement between European Union and Turkey, migrants who cross the Aegean Sea will be returned to Turkey.

The parties agreed on March 7 to solve the migration crisis, including the return of irregular migrants, accelerating the visa-liberalization process for Turkish citizens and sharing the work of hosting Syrian refugees.

Most migrants dream of reaching developed European countries through illegal sea routes to escape conflict zones where they reside.

Nearly 1,900 people lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea in 2014 in their attempts to cross into Europe, according to the UN Refugee agency and the International Organization for Migration.

In economics news, financial newspaper DUNYA ran a front-page story in which the head of one of Turkey’s largest banks, TEB, said despite a bad start to the year, the institution’s “worst days” had passed.

Umit Leblebici said circumstances now favored developing countries and called for the Central Bank of Turkey to cut interest rates.

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