Friday’s dailies cover the dramatic story of a Turkish soldier killed in a recent bomb attack


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Friday’s dailies mainly dedicated their front pages to the dramatic story of a soldier killed in southeastern Turkey plus Thursday’s gun attack on STAR Media Group Chairman Murat Sancak.

MILLIYET ran a headline on its front page: “My mother is calling,” referring to the story of 22-year-old Turkish soldier Recep Beycur.

The daily reported that Beycur’s phone in his pocket rang in the morgue of Siirt State Hospital but nobody there could answer it as they saw the person ringing him was his mother.

Beycur was one of eight soldiers killed when their armored vehicle was hit by an improvised roadside bomb on the Siirt-Pervari highway in Siirt province on Wednesday.

HABERTURK also covered the same story on its front page, describing it as a “heartbreaking” incident. Its front-page headline read: “My mother called, nobody could answer.”

In related news, HURRIYET’s front-page headline read: “Sleeping bombs.”

The newspaper claimed that militants of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is designated as a terrorist group by Turkey -- had been planting roadside bombs in Turkey’s southeast while the group had also been in talks with the Turkish government.

Thursday’s armed attack in Istanbul on one of Turkey’s leading media groups was covered by many newspapers.

Two unidentified assailants sprayed Murat Sancak's car with bullets as the media group executive was travelling with a bodyguard and driver in Istanbul's Hadimkoy district. Sancak and the others in the car escaped uninjured.

“We will not give up national stance” was STAR’s front-page headline today. 

HABERTURK covered the story with a headline reading: “Assassination attempt on press.” Recalling an earlier bomb attack on STAR’s building, VATAN wrote: “Ambush after the bomb.”

An explosive device had been left in the yard of the media group's headquarters in July but was later destroyed in a controlled detonation.

In financial news, DUNYA reported that the Turkish lira fell to a record low of 3.002 against the U.S. dollar early on Thursday.

The daily wrote that negative incidents domestically [uncertainty over forming a government] and outside of the country caused this record low.

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