Today's newspapers cover Turkey's ruling AK party's congress to elect a new party chairman, and Erdogan's handing over the AK Party leadership to Davutoglu.


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Most Turkish newspapers on Thursday cover the handing over of the leadership of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party to current Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu during a meeting of the party referred as "the extraordinary congress."

HURRIYET runs with the headline: "My brother is not a pawn," referring to Erdogan's remarks at the congress on Wednesday. The daily quotes Erdogan as saying: "Davutoglu (incoming prime minister) is not a pawn as many newspapers write," he vowed to work with the new government in harmony as they have when they have worked with outgoing President Abdullah Gul.

MILLIYET goes with the headline "Fidelity Congress," referring to Davutoglu's remarks at the congress where he addressed outgoing Prime Minister Erdogan as "my president" and stressed that the convention was not one of "farewell," but of "fidelity."

VATAN quotes Erdogan as saying in its headline; "I trust you with my love, my party," as he leaves the party he founded 13 years ago. Erdogan will be sworn in as the Republic of Turkey's 12th president on Thursday.

Turkish dailies also cover the details behind the Egypt-brokered cease-fire between Israel and Palestine that went into effect on Tuesday.

SABAH reports that the latest cease-fire was formed in the framework of previous cease-fire after Operation Pillar of Cloud in 2012. According to it, Hamas requested to build airport and port in Gaza, asking help with the transferring construction materials to Gaza.

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