Turkish dailies covered Thursday the detention of DHKP-C members on a boat off Greece's Chios Island near Izmir, a sinking refugee boat in the Aegean Sea, 27 year-sentence to machete-wielding man in Gezi Park protests, Premier Erdogan's meeting with Nechirvan Barzani and Fenerbahce-Red Bull Salzburg match of Wednesday.


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Turkish dailies covered Thursday the detention of DHKP-C members on a boat off the Greek island of Chios near Izmir, a sinking refugee boat in the Aegean Sea, 27 year-sentence to machete-wielding man in Gezi Park protests, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's meeting with Nechirvan Barzani, head of Iraq's regional Kurdish government, and Wednesday's match between Turkey's Fenerbahce and Austria's Red Bull Salzburg  in the UEFA Champions League third qualifying round.  

Detention of two DHKP-C members on a boat off Greece's Chios Island near Izmir

Following the seizure of a boat off Greece's Chios Island in the Aegean Sea with four people aboard along with two anti-tank mortar weapons, four grenades, bullets and a great number of explosives, Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler said on Wednesday that "Hasan Biber, a member of the outlawed DHKP/C terrorist organization, who has been clearly identified as the perpetrator of the bomb attack targeting Turkish Justice Ministry, is among the detainees."

Daily BUGUN headlined "They take the road for Ergenekon," saying that two members of DHKP-C terrorist organization, Hasan Biber and Mehmet Yayla, mounting the March 19 twin bomb attack on Turkish Justice Ministry and the headquarters of Justice and Development (AK) Party were preparing for an act of terror in Turkey before the summary judgement of Ergenekon Case. The daily detailed that the intelligence was previously provided by Turkish National Intelligence and Security to Greek security forces.

Daily STAR published "Weapons seized in Aegean Sea preparation for Gezi Park", quoting Turkish Interior Minister as saying "Greek coast guards discovered weapons on the boat indicating preparations for an act of terror in Turkey as we previously received the intelligence."

Daily HURRIYET wrote "They appear aboard" stressing that two terrorists were carrying false identities who were caught with 100 kg explosives and Biber was sought by Interpol.

Daily YENISAFAK headlined "Intelligence received 3 days ago," mentioning that Turkish National Intelligence informed the Greek security about the whereabouts of Hasan Biber 3 days before his seizure. The daily said the intelligence from Turkey was actually transmitted by the United States to Greece, and also warned the US and the European Union of the boat which was heading for Istanbul to launch acts of terror again on AK Party HQ and security points.

A sinking refugee boat in the Aegean Sea

All the dailies covered that a speed boat carrying illegal migrants capsized on Wednesday in international waters of the Aegean Sea off coast of Turkey's far western Canakkale city, where coast guards rescued 12 people and the bodies of 24 others.

Daily YENISAFAK headlined "Final journey," describing the accident as a "disaster in the Aegean Sea" and noted that the captain of the boat sent emergency signal calling the Coastal Guards before the accident killing 24 out of 40 refugees aboard, including children.

Daily MILLIYET published "Blue cemetery," saying the refugee boat transporting refugees from Iran, Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan did not carry "hope" but "death," leaving 24 of them dead.

Daily STAR wrote "Journey to hope ends in body bag," stressing that there were children and women among 24 casualties.

27 year-sentence to machete-wielding man in Gezi Park protests

Almost all of the dailies covered a Turkish prosecutor's demand for a prison term for up to 27 years for Sabri Celebi, who attacked Gezi Park protesters with a machete. The daily said the prosecutor had evaluated the machete as a "weapon" and sought a longer prison term than stipulated by the relevant provision of the criminal code.

Daily HABERTURK said "Prosecutor seeks 27 years, machete-wielding man not shows up," mentioning that Celebi had fled to Morocco and cancelled his return ticket to Turkey.

Daily HURRIYET published "I'll return after Ramadan Fest," quoting Celebi and detailing that prosecutor sought imprisonment of Celebi up to 27 years for wounding three people by a machete.

Turkish Premier Erdogan's meeting with Nechirvan Barzani

Some dailies covered Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Wednesday meeting with Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of the regional administration in north of Iraq.

Daily AKSAM wrote "Warning of fait accompli," underlining that Erdogan said in his meeting with Barzani that "the attitude in Syria is not against Kurds but against a fait accompli."

Referring to the matter, daily YENISAFAK published "Critical summit at the Prime Ministry," saying that the two discussed issues of Kurdish solution process and the existence of PYD in Syria.

Fenerbahce-Red Bull Salzburg match of Wednesday

Daily HURRIYET headlined "Last minute penalty rejoices," saying that Fenerbahce, in the first leg of the 3rd qualifying round of UEFA Champions League, scored the a penalty kick during extra time against Austria's Red Bull Salzburg Club.

Daily HABERTURK wrote "Fenerbahce flies to Kadikoy," saying that Fenerbahce regained advantage at 90+4th of the game when it tied 1-1 with Salzburg at the very last minute.

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