Turkish dailies covered Monday the victory of Galatasaray Football Club over their arch-rival Fenerbahce in the Turkish Super Cup, new details about abducted Turkish pilots in Lebanon, a book on Jerusalem, Egyptian coup leader Sisi's background regarding coups and Muslim Brotherhood


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Daily VATAN headlined "The Sheik who abducted the Turkish pilot," claiming that the person responsible for abduction was Sheik Abbas Zugeyb who was trying to save 9 Shia pilgrims kidnapped by Syrian opposition 15 months ago. The paper also quoted Zugeyb as saying "There will be neither Turks nor any Turkish organizations on our lands".

On Friday, a shuttle including the pilot, the assistant pilot, and the crew of the Turkish Airlines plane which flew to Beirut from Istanbul had been stopped by four gunmen on the way from airport to the hotel. Gunmen had abducted the pilot Murat Akpinar and his assistant Murat Agca.

Daily TURKIYE headlined "No negotiations for pilots," referring to Turkish pilots who were abducted in Lebanon on Friday, saying Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and Lebanese national intelligence service have been working to save Turkish pilots. The daily also indicated that Ankara is calm and the process has been managed with three dimensions, diplomatic, political and intelligence.

All of the dailies covered Galatasaray's triumph over Fenerbahce in the Turkish Super Cup.

Daily SABAH published " The lion is super again," saying Galatasaray won the Turkish Super Cup second time in a row with a goal scored by Drogba. Daily BUGUN wrote "Super lion hunts again," saying in the history repeated itself and Galatasaray won Super Cup final as they did it last year as well.

Daily VATAN wrote "The super lion," saying the winner of Super Cup is Galatasaray again with a goal scored in extra time. Daily ZAMAN published "The Super Cup is in the lion's hands".

Daily AKSAM headlined "Turkey to write the book of Kudus (Jerusalem)," saying Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) will publish a book to show the importance of Kudus and Mescid-i Aksa to the world after the request by Palestinian academics.

The daily underlined that TIKA has also published brochures in Turkish, Arabic and English about Mescid-i Aksa.

Sisi's academic thesis

Daily SABAH headlined "His thesis is democracy, his action is the coup," saying Egypt's Defense Minister and military chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who is the leading actor of the July 3 military coup defended an opinion in his thesis in 2006 as saying, democracy in the Middle East can only be established by depending on religion and he backed Muslim Brotherhood in 2006 when he was studying in the US War Academy.

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