Turkish dailies covered on Friday the decisions taken at the Supreme Military Council meeting, the sweep off plans of former German chancellor Helmut Kohl, and the new toughened sexual abuse penalties in a draft bill


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Turkish dailies covered on Friday the meeting of the Supreme Military Council. "YAS -- Supreme Military Council -- gathered", headlined daily AKIT and published, "The meeting chaired by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will cover the promotion of Turkish Armed Forces personnel, tenure of term of office, retirement and other agenda topics. YAS will conclude tomorrow and decisions taken at the Council will be shared with the public after being presented to President Abdullah Gul."

Moreover, daily VATAN headlined, "First at the critic YAS" and stated, "Bulent Bostanoglu who represented the Fleet Command with the rank of vice admiral for the first time got promoted to the full admiral and he will leave the Council as being the Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces after 32 years of time. In addition, the paper noted that Prime Minister Erdogan hosted an iftar for the members of the Council. "The council will continue today and decision will be made public tomorrow after the approval of President Gul", said VATAN.

"Kohl wanted to be like Hitler"

"Kohl wanted to be like Hitler", stated daily YENI SAFAK over the British intelligence documents shared with public. "British intelligence documents made clear that Helmut Kohl who has been in power for a long time as a chancellor of Germany made plans to sweep off Turkish citizens. A 1982-dated document quoted German Chancellor Kohl as saying, 'In the next coming 4 years, we have to decrease the number of Turkish people by 50 percent.'," published daily YENI SAFAK.

"Kohl wanted to send off half of Turks", headlined daily MILLIYET and also touched onto the secret intelligence documents released in Britain about Kohl's sweep off plans. The paper said, "Kohl who has a Turkish daughter-in-law at the moment wanted to send back half of the Turks back to Turkey during his term in office."

Works on legal regulations to toughen penalties for sexual abuse on children

The Turkish government placed a "chemical drug treatment" penalty for individuals convicted of sexually abusing children. "Chemical drugs for paedophilias", headlined daily SABAH and published that with the instructions of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, the newly prepared package for combating sexual abuse of children involves striking regulations. According to the paper, the testosterone of individuals convicted of sexually abusing children will be non-functional and their sexual activities will be weakened by chemical drugs.

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