Turkish dailies cover on Tuesday Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag's reaction to the release of Huseyin Sati, who assaulted Bozdag during commemorating Haci Bektas in Turkey's Nevsehir city, bankruptcy of Roj TV in Denmark, which was formerly sentenced with $1.8 million for propagating terror organization PKK and the migration wave from the clashes between al Nusra front and PYD in Syria to Iraq.


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Turkish dailies widely covered on Tuesday Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bozdag's reaction to the release of Huseyin Sati, who assaulted Bozdag during commemoration of Haci Bektas in Turkey's Nevsehir city, responding to the decision as "what if the punch would hit the judge, the prosecutor."

Daily TURKIYE headlined 'I hope that judge get not a punch' to state Bozdag's reaction to the decision of the judge.

Daily MILLIYET headlined 'I hope that judge would not be punched' quoting Bozdag who said that 2 policemen were laid off from the job for their neglects during the incident.

The daily quotes Bozdag as saying that the decision of release would encourage the assaulter, adding that some details were also revealed on how Sati entered the area and that the inspector started an examination.

'If judges get punched' daily HURRIYET headlined, quoting Bozdag as saying "this assault was an attack to the democracy and the government." The daily added his saying that Sati assaulted him for his current position as the deputy prime minister.

Turkish dailies covered the bankruptcy of Roj TV, which was licensed by Denmark and formerly sentenced to pay $1.8 million as fines for propagating terror organization PKK. Daily YENI SAFAK headlined 'Roj TV went bankrupt' saying the television channel broadcast since 2004, closed its doors because it could not pay the fine and announced its own bankruptcy on TV.

Daily ZAMAN headlined 'Roj TV decides to go bankrupt' saying it was fined for $1.8 million compensation but decided to go bankrupt saying it could not pay it. The daily also mentioned that the studios of the channel were all in Belgium and the channel had only one rented office in Denmark.

Daily SABAH headlined 'Roj TV announced its bankruptcy' and added the decision of the channel will be presented Tuesday to Copenhagen Sea-Trade Court. Quoting the director of the TV Imdat Yilmaz as saying "Despite all well intended works of the personnel and the support of the Kurdish people, it was not possible to go on with Roj TV and Mesopotamia broadcast."

Some dailies covered the migration wave to Iraq due to the clashes between al Nusra front and PYD in Syria.

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined 'Great Escape from Syria' mentioning that thousands of Kurdish people fled from the civil war in Syria to shelter to north of Iraq. The daily said the number of the people reached 20 thousand in last 4 days, who entered the Semalka border gate by passing the mobile bridge on the Tigris river.

Daily STAR headlined 'Excess of Kurdish refugee in Northern Iraq' and said the refugees were led to more secure Peshhabur border gate because "Assad's airplanes bombed since early morning" and that "Rojava was deserted."

Daily SABAH headlined 'Biggest migration wave at once', saying the refugees were sheltered in Iraq with the support of United Nations. Peshmerges carry the refugees to Dohuk and Irbil cities of Iraq, the daily stated and added the people had troubles in finding food and water because they migrated by walking.

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