Turkish dailies covered on Monday reactions to a poison gas attack in Syria chemical weapons issue, the Syrian regime's go-ahead for a UN chemical probe, Turkish PM Erdogan's remarks on Egypt, a claim about weapons transfer to the Syrian opposition from Turkey, fatal traffic accidents in Turkey over the weekend, and the issue of a red notice for the machete-wielding man from the Gezi Park protests


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Turkish dailies covered on Monday efforts to devise a joint international response to reports of use of chemical weapons in Syria, the Syrian regime's go-ahead for a UN chemical probe at the site of a deadly poison gas attack in suburbs of capital Damascus, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks on Egypt, a claim about weapons transfer to the Syrian opposition from Turkey, fatal traffic accidents in Turkey over the weekend, and issuance of a red notice for the arrest of a machete-wielding man from Turkey's Gezi Park protests.

DAILY SABAH headlined "Milosevic Plan to Chemical Assad", saying that the US -- taking a 1991 air war on Kosovo as a precedent -- might seek to by-pass UN Security Council for a military action on Syria. The daily showed a White House high level official's remarks that military options would include targeting Assad's chemical arsenal, government buildings and military compounds, a 40-minute phone call between British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama, a summit meeting of top military brass from nine countries in Jordan, and the re-positioning of US Cruise missiles in the Mediterranean Sea as proof to its claim.

DAILY MILLIYET headlined "We would participate in a coalition," referring to remarks by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on possible military action on Syria, and quoted him as saying, "If the UN can't take a decision, and an international coalition is formed, we would participate in it." According to the daily's story, Davutoglu had referred to massacres in Bosnia and said that the Assad regime used more severe methods. He said the international community must take even tougher measures on Syria than ones it had deployed in the Bosnian war. The daily also headlined "Hot hours," referring to a 40-minute phone call between US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, in which the two leaders weighed a serious international response following last Wednesday's deadly poison attack in suburbs of Syrian capital Damascus. The story added while the Syrian regime agreed to allow a UN team's investigation to the site of Wednesday's attack, US Defense Minister Chuck Hagel announced that the US had all contingency plans on table for military action in Syria, and quoting Hagel as saying, "we are ready to implement any of those plans."

DAILY TURKIYE headlined "Assad retreats, finally" saying that Syrian President Bashar Assad -- facing the risk of military intervention upon remarks of US Defense Minister Chuck Hagel -- has allowed the UN investigation team to visit the site of Wednesday's poison gas attack. The daily said Assad, however, " did not hesitate" from threatening the world by saying, "such an intervention will turn the region into a blood bath."

DAILY VATAN headlined "Operation base is Izmir", publishing that if Syria were hit by NATO, the command base would be the NATO headquarters in Turkey's Western port city of Izmir. The daily further detailed that all kinds of intelligence information would be gathered at the Izmir base, where the number of personnel would be increased from 50 to 350. The daily also referred to a story appeared on British newspaper Sunday Times which revealed that the Obama-Cameron phone talk discussed a possible 24 to 48-hour military campaign that would deploy missiles to be fired on targets in Syria. Regarding Assad's go-ahead for a UN chemical probe, the daily VATAN said although Syria's national news channel announced that the UN team was allowed to go to Ghouta region near Damascus -- the site of Wednesday's chemical attack -- the timing for the start of the probe remained uncertain.

DAILY HURRIYET headlined "Coalition of hearts," referring to Davutoglu's description of the coalition of those willing to engage in a military action against the Assad regime. It also published that Davutoglu had talked over the phone with his American counterpart John Kerry twice. Hurriyet also referred to Davutoglu's remarks from an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, and quoted him as saying "a coalition of hearts will stop Assad, as in the case of the Srebrenica massacre."

DAILY STAR titled "Possibility of air attack on Syria," referring to British news media which revealed the details of the phone conversation between Obama and Cameron which outlined a no-fly zone and a 24 to 48-hour air raid as the most likely options.

PM Erdogan's latest remarks on Egypt

Some dailies also covered Erdogan's Sunday remarks on Egypt. DAILY SABAH headlined "They were martyred for their votes' honor," quoting Erdogan as saying, "They could not stand the public's will in Egypt for more than one year. The public wants the honor of their votes."

DAILY AKSAM also quoted Erdogan as saying "When I saw the Sheikh of Al Azhar University beside the coup perpetrators, I was disappointed," including Erdogan's criticism of the Sheikh of Al Azhar University as being ignorant of the attacks.

Claim of weapons transfer to the Syrian opposition

DAILY CUMHURIYET referred to a story published by Reuters news agency on Sunday story based on opposition sources that a 400-ton of arms, mostly ammunition for shoulder-fired weapons and anti-aircraft machine guns financed by Gulf countries was shipped to Syrian opposition from the Turkish border town of Hatay. DAILY ZAMAN titled "Reuters claim: 400 tons of weapons went to opposition from Hatay," and published that a high-level Turkish diplomatic source denied the claim by saying "Our policy towards Syria is obvious. We only send humanitarian and logistical aid." DAILY TURKIYE also said the Turkish Foreign Ministry immediately denied the claims by reminding that there had been similar false stories before.

Traffic accidents

Some newspapers covered the heavy loss of life in traffic accidents in different cities in Turkey over the weekend. DAILY MILLIYET said 26 people died in traffic accidents in the countrywide over the weekend, while DAILY STAR titled "Truck disaster leaves Fatma an orphan" and DAILY HURRIYET titled "Fatma left behind," referring to an accident in the eastern province of Agri’s Dogubeyazit district that killed six members of a family except for Fatma, the family's 7 year-old child.

Red notice to arrest machete-wielding man in Gezi Park protests

Some dailies also covered that a red notice for the arrest of Sabri Celebi -- who attacked Gezi Park protesters with the blunt side of a machete and fled to Morocco following a court sentenced him to 27 years in prison -- was finally issued.

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