Most newspapers covered latest developments in ongoing investigation of "parallel structure"

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The Turkish press on Wednesday mostly covered the investigation launched last Sunday into "parallel structure" that is accused of plotting against state.

According to STAR, which headlines "December 17 treason line," the inspectors have completed their report over the phone-tapped "fabricated voice records." 

STAR says 52 police officers and five witnesses who were interrogated reportedly gave corroborating testimony on the origin of a video, apparently broadcast from a service provider in San Francisco. The report also claims two police captains leaked the video to the press.

On Sunday, 29 people, including the chief editor of Zaman and the chairman of Samanyolu Broadcasting Group, were detained in the investigation.

Scriptwriters of Tek Turkiye, or One Turkey, show were released after being questioned. The TV show was broadcasted on Samanyolu TV, and in one episode of it there were references a religious group as a dark power to commit crime.  

"Main Scriptwriter Pennsylvania," headlines AKSAM, referring to the scriptwriters' statements, in which they denied that they wrote that part of the TV show.

According to YENI SAFAK, the scriptwriters said that part of the show was provided. Police are continuing to interrogate 17 people, says the daily.

In other news, a trial has begun for  35 people from a football fan group, CARSI, on charges of attempting to overthrow the government during last year's Gezi Park protests.

HURRIYET headlines "United CARSI Defense" and HABERTURK says "CARSI was not alone" referring to another fan group of Besiktas supporters that was present.

MILLIYET and VATAN quoted a prominent member of the group, Cem Yakiskan, who said "we would rather make Besiktas champions than stage a coup." 

In Pakistan, militants attacked a school and killed more than 100 children.  "They Slaughtered Children" VATAN says in the headline.

HURRIYET headlines "Savagery," to describe the atrocity committed, as a woman teacher was torched before the eyes of her students and six militants shot down children between 8 to 10 years old. 

In business, VATAN focuses on the Russian Ruble, as it "went crazy" and "was made crazy" with the currency dropping 18 percent to the dollar.

Meanwhile, HABERTURK asks what will happen to the dollar; when the currency reached 2.41 Turkish lira in a historic record, and Borsa Istanbul fell by 4.36 percent. 

MILLIYET also gives place to currencies as the euro also gained against the lira.  

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