Most dailies on Wednesday dedicate their front page to bad weather conditions in Istanbul and the new net minimum wage in Turkey.

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Wednesday’s papers focused on Turkey's new net minimum wage that will increase to 949 Turkish liras ($410) per month for workers over the age of 16 for the first six months of next year.

The salaries of five million people will also rise to 1,000 liras ($432) for the second half of the year, Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik said Tuesday.

"Minimum wage: 949 Turkish lira" titled daily Star, reporting that nearly five million people would see four digit salaries in the new year.

Milliyet's front page read: "6+6 rise in minimum wage" regarding the increased salaries. The daily also claimed that although the Turkish Statistics Institute had recommended a new minimum wage of 1,424.70 lira ($615) per month for workers, it was not taken into consideration.

The current minimum wage is 846 Turkish liras net ($365) per month. In comparison, the monthly minimum wage in Netherlands is $1,800.

Turkish papers also gave coverage on their front pages to the first winter snow in Istanbul, following strong winds and heavy rain which disrupted air and sea traffic in Turkey’s biggest city.

"Traffic grinds to halt" said daily Sabah, adding that the first snowfall of the season in Istanbul caused serious traffic jams and transportation problems.

Turkish Airlines announced that it cancelled some flights because of bad weather conditions. Flights between Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport and Ankara, Konya and Budapest, Hungary were cancelled as a result of heavy winds, the airline said.

Sea traffic around Istanbul and between provinces was also disrupted.

Istanbul Sea buses and Fast Ferries Inc. also canceled some services because of the weather, while ferry lines between Istanbul and Bursa province were also affected.

Yeni Safak described the latest condition in the city as "white days." The paper also reported that the Turkish government extended new year holidays because of bad weather conditions across the country.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 31 Aralık 2014, 11:24