Turkish dailies on Tuesday covered the duration of lengthy detentions in Turkey to be lowered from 7.5 years to 5 years; the trial of the suspects of a university student, Ali Ismail Korkmaz who died during Gezi park protests, and the fractions between AK Party and the Gulen movement.


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Turkish dailies on Tuesday covered the lowering of the lengthy detentions in Turkey from 7.5 years to 5 years; the trial of the suspects in the death of a university student Ali Ismail Korkmaz during the Gezi park protests and the fractions between the AK Party and the Gulen movement.

Some dailies carried Turkish PM Erdogan's announcement to reporters ahead of his departure for Berlin of the new bill to reduce lengthy detentions to five years.

Daily HURRIYET headlined “Five Years Bomb” and wrote that the Erdogan's announcement brings hope for the release of Ergenekon detainees. The daily wrote that the decision will affect the situation of thousands of detainees. The detainees in the Ergenekon deep-state case also may benefit from the bill provided that conditions are not placed in the bill preventing the release of deep-state, coup-plotting and terror crimes.

Daily TURKIYE also headlined the duration of lengthy detentions in Turkey to be lowered from 7.5 years to 5 years and wrote: “The PM said the last word: lengthy detention is lowered to 5 years.”

Daily VATAN also headlined the announcement of the PM and wrote: “Who will benefit from the five years bill?” The daily wrote that following Erdogan's announcement on the bill, attention will be turned to the detainees of the Ergenekon deep-state case and the KCK case, a pro-Kurdish organization affiliated to PKK. The daily underlined that if the case of Mustafa Balbay, an Ergenekon case suspect and a Republican People Party (CHP) lawmaker who was released upon the verdict of the constitutional court is set as a precedent, all Ergenekon case detainees and KCK detainees could be released.

- Trial of the suspects of a university student who died during the Gezi protests:

Eight suspects stood trial in Kayseri High Criminal Court no:3 in the case of Ali Ismail Korkmaz, a Gezi Park protestor who died on July 10 after being seriously beaten on June 2, 2013 by unidentified people with sticks during the Gezi protests in the Turkish central city of Eskisehir.

Daily VATAN headlined the trial quoting Korkmaz’s mother addressing one of the suspects: “Speak looking at my eyes.” The daily wrote that 5000 people watched the trial with tight security measures being taken as 2000 police officers were on duty.

Daily POSTA also put the same headline as VATAN and wrote that four of the suspects were police officers. The daily also quoted an eye witness in the indictment of the suspects and stated that the police officers said that they had blown off steam by beating Kormaz.

Daily CUMHURIYET also headlined the trial writing: “They couldn’t look at Ali Ismail” referring to his portrait. The daily wrote that 300 attorneys defended Ali Ismail Korkmaz.

-The rift between Gulen Movement and Erdogan’s AK Party government is deepening:

Daily AKSAM wrote “Domino Plan of Deep Structure: A Technocrat Government.” The daily wrote that the Gulen Movement planned to overthrow the Erdogan administration through key operations which took place on December 17 and 25. If the second wave of the anti-graft operation had been made, which included the detention of Erdogan’s son, the government would have to resign and a technocrat government would have been formed, wrote the daily.

Daily YENISAFAK, on the other hand, wrote that the man who made the tip-off to the police on the Turkish Intelligence Service's trucks that were allegedly carrying arms into north of Syria also reported the same tip-off to one of the Imams in the Gulen movement.

On the other hand, daily ZAMAN put the headline “Society is being intentionally polarized and we call on President Gul to take charge,” quoting the chairman of the Association of Journalists and Authors.

Daily STAR also headlined both the discussions on the parallel state and an interview it held with former Chief Police Officer Hanefi Avci who was detained for a recently released book he wrote which targets the Gulen movement. The daily wrote that the parallel state members acting on behalf of the Gulen movement have seized power in the Police Force and in the judiciary while pacifying the army, quoted Avci. The only institution that remained out of the Gulen movement's control was the National Intelligence Service (MIT) and if they had seized power there also, the Turkish government would have been in a serious danger, Avci said to daily STAR.  

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Sahin Yavuzturk - 7 yıl Before

The Ak Party and Erdogan are trying to finish Gulen Movement, Hizmet so they are attacking Bank Asya. I strongly suggest to read "What is happening in Turkey right at this moment" at http://gulen-movement.net