Turkish dailies' front pages dominated by Syria war crimes report obtained by Anadolu Agency (AA), detailing systematic killing of 11,000 detainees by Syrian regime.


Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Monday's Syria war crimes report dominated Turkish daily frontpages this morning, with striking headlines like "Atrocity of the Century" (daily YENI SAFAK), "The Atrocity Report (daily MILLIYET), "Genocide" (dailies AKSAM and STAR), "Assad's Human Butchery" (daily HABERTURK), "The Execution Archive" (daily HURRIYET) and "The Crime against Humanity" (daily VATAN).

Their articles were based on the original AA story which was distributed to subscribers at 21:00 EET Monday. For instance, YENISAFAK says "Photographs showing the systematic killing of 11,000 people by the Assad regime surfaced. 'The atrocity of the century', documented by a former military policeman codenamed 'Caesar' set the world in an uproar. Assad's crime against humanity has been put into record on the eve of Geneva-II."

AA distributed dozens of photographs documenting the killings together with the report. Most dailies used the AA photographs and described them as "gory" (MILLIYET), "appaling" (TURKIYE), "shameful" (STAR), and "shocking" (HABERTURK).

AA also shared the opinions of the three senior war crimes prosecutors who filed the report. Most dailies on Tuesday highlighted some of its striking points AKSAM, TARAF, VATAN, STAR cited the report's claim that the photos provide "clear evidence" of war crimes. YENISAFAK says Assad can now be expected to stand trial in The Hague, the seat of International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

MILLIYET asks: "Is the timing meaningful?", with one of its columnists saying "Yes, without a doubt. The photos were leaked one day before the Geneva-II." Geneva-II is the so-called name of an international peace conference, scheduled to begin in Swiss city Montreaux on Wednesday, to negotiate a settlement for the conflict in Syria, scheduled to begin in the Swiss city of Montreaux on Wednesday.

Other news

Turkish President Abdullah Gul's comments about the governing AK Party's proposed bill to amend Turkey's top judicial body is highlighted by HABERTURK, HURRIYET and MILLIYET. They ran with his statement: "You will see what I will do [after the bill passes from the parliament]."

The proposed bill to restructure the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) was approved by a parliamentary commission on Thursday and will be submitted to the president for ratification if passed by parliament.

Asked about what he would do when the law was brought to him, Gul responded, "We need to see how the law will pass. There is still room for change in the General Assembly. Let the bill pass first; then you will see what I will do."

YENISAFAK also features an exclusive interview with a prominent Turkish intellectual, Alev Alatli, who expresses her confidence in Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's efforts to eliminate the "parallel organization" infiltrating the state.

A comprehensive anti-graft probe launched on December 17 caused controversy after it led to high-profile arrests. The government said the probe is a "dirty plot" against it, constructed by a "parallel state" nestled within the judiciary and police.

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