Major events covered by Turkish dailies on Wednesday.


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Turkish dailies on Wednesday cover Turkish Central bank's decision to raise interest rates, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's press conference in Ankara before his official visit to Iran on Wednesday. A statement from Justice Minister Bozdag concerning HSYK bill, and new photographs showing a massacre committed by Assad regime are also covered.

Daily VATAN headlined "Interest:12%, Dollar: 2.17" publishing Monetary Policy Committee raised overnight interest with a record, from 7.75% to 12%. Dollar sharply decreased, to 2.17 Turkish Lira.

Dailies also cover Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's press conference before his official visit to Iran on Wednesay.

Daily MILLIYET titled "End to double-headed judiciary" quoting the prime minister saying "We want to remove special courts and make changes to the anti-terrorism law." Stating they will terminate this process by transferring files to high criminal courts, Erdogan said anti-terrorism law would be removed after some of its articles were transmitted to Turkish Penal Code.

Turkey's Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag's statement concerning the [Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors] HSYK bill took at the front pages of the dailies.

Daily YENISAFAK's title was "If no consensus, bill comes to parliament" quoting the justice minister as saying "If a consensus is not reached on the proposed bill to amend the structure of Turkey's judiciary, then the bill will be enacted before parliamentary recess ahead of local elections."

Dailies also included new photographs showing a massacre committed by Assad regime. Daily SABAH headlined "One more war crime from Assad" saying new photographs belonging to 220 civilians that were killed by torture by Assad forces on March 15, 2013 were released. The dead bodies were taken out of the river under the supervision of the Aleppo-based Syrian Justice Institute, and photographed and identified one by one. Anadolu Agency (AA), which last week published photographs documenting war crimes by the Assad regime, received the new photos on Tuesday.

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