Turkish dailies today focus on PM Erdogan's latest remarks over presidency, Israeli operations on the Gaza Strip and Brazil's defeat to Germany during the World Cup semifinal.


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Wednesday's Turkish dailies reported the details of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's latest remarks about Turkey's presidency, Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip – the most serious flare-up around the territory since 2012 – and the Brazil's heavy defeat to Germany during the World Cup semifinal.

HURRIYET reported comments by Erdogan that he would not be impartial to all if elected president, saying he intends to retain his biases if chosen.

Last week PM Erdogan, 60, declared his candidacy, although his nomination by the ruling Justice and Development Party, known as the AK Party, was seen as a near certainty.

MILLIYET quoted Erdogan as saying "I will not be an impartial president." The daily added that Erdogan scorned opposition parties' portrayal of their joint candidate as an 'impartial statesman,' with Erdogan saying he will be biased towards the nation when elected.

Turkish citizens go to the polls August 10 to vote for the 12th president of Turkey. It will be the first time voters have directly elected a president; the head-of-state was previously elected by parliament.

Papers also dedicated their front pages to news about the Israeli operations on the Gaza Strip.

ZAMAN says on its front page that Israel was stepping up its Gaza offensive. The daily said Israel bombarded Gaza on Tuesday in strikes which Palestinian officials said killed at least 11 people.

"Israel broadens revenge attacks on Gaza" said SABAH, reporting that the Israeli military expanded operations against Palestinian targets in the Gaza Strip, leaving many dead and injured in its wake.

The latest escalation comes amid heightened tension over the killing of three teenage Jewish settlers in the West Bank last month and the subsequent murder of a 16-year-old Palestinian boy, suspected of having been carried out by Jewish settlers.

Brazil's unprecedented defeat to Germany during the World Cup semifinal was also heavily reported in many papers.

Germany hammered Brazil on Tuesday with a sensational 7-1 victory in the semi-final at Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte, on Tuesday, sending the European side to the tournament final.

"Brazil is ashamed" is VATAN's title. The daily says after the brilliant victory, Germany advanced to the final while Brazil, who suffered the heaviest loss in their footballing history, will go on to compete for third place.

HABER TURK describes Brazil's defeat as a "Magnitude-7.1 Earthquake". The winners of the Netherlands vs Argentina match will meet Germany in the final on Sunday.

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