Turkish dailies covered Monday the protests held in Egypt against president Morsi, the allegations of US spying on EU offices, and the incidents in Lice town of southeastern province Diyarbakir.


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All of the dailies covered Monday the Egyptian protesters who gathered at Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo to demand President Mohamed Morsi's ouster. "Egypt stayed up all night" said daily SABAH stating the anti-government protesters would keep on demonstrations untill Morsi steps down. The opposition rallied at Tahrir Square on the 1st anniversary of his office to protest against him while his supporters also gathered at the square having massive rallies, as the daily says. Daily HABER TURK reminded the protests that were held to overthrow former president Hosni Mubarak during the 2011 Egyptian revolution. "Tahrir square is against Morsi as well", headlined the daily and said three people were killed during the protests last night and 174 others got injured. Daily MILLIYET quoted the anti-government protesters as saying "Here is Egypt, where is Morsi?" and said the demonstrators asked the resignation of the president who assumed office 1 year ago, on 30 June 2012. Daily STAR pointed to the fact that Morsi was the first elected president of Egypt after 30 years of the deposed leader Mubarak's presidency. The opposition chanted slogans of resignation, as the daily said.

Allegations of US spying on EU offices

Almost all of the dailies also covered Monday the claims of Edward J. Snowden, a former US national security contractor accused of espionage, that USA had been spying on European Union offices. "Leaks that shocked EU" published daily YENI SAFAK saying Snowden leaked some information on the spying activities of USA on EU offices in Brussels and Washington. The daily says National Security Agency of US placed some microphones and computer network giving the agency access to e-mails and internal documents. "I am deeply worried and shocked about the allegations. If they prove to be true, it will have a severe impact on US-EU relations," cited the daily Martin Schulz, the president of European Parliament, as saying. Daily AKSAM published "He even wire-tapped EU" referring to US President Barack Obama and said it was revealed that US had been wire tapping EU, which the daily said shocked the whole world. British daily newspaper The Guardian said 38 diplomatic missions including Turkey was being spied, as daily AKSAM published.

Lice incidents in Turkey's eastern province of Diyarbakir

One person was killed and nine others were injured on Friday when clashes burst out between security forces and the demonstrators protesting against the construction site of a military outpost. "The groups threw stones, Molotov bombs, and hand made explosives at the security forces and opened fired on the military outpost upon the security forces' intervention with tear gas," cited daily YENI SAFAK the governor's office as saying. The reason lying behind Lice attacks is 'illicit drugs' as daily AKSAM says. Diyarbakir Governorated approved the daily's news that PKK earned 500 million dollars from the hashish plants growing in the region. The reason for the attack is not the construction site of a military outpost, it is the operation launched Wednesday aiming to destroy hashish plants discovered in Lice, the daily says. "The attacks aimed to sabotage the 'solution process," daily HABER TURK cited the Diyarbakir Governorate as saying.

Croatia joins EU

Dailies also covered the accession of Croatia to European Union. As daily SABAH said, Croatia started the EU membership negotiations on October 3, 2005, the same day as Turkey started the process. Having become the 28th member of EU, Croatia celebrated the membership in capital Zagreb. The daily also quoted Turkey's EU Minister Egemen Bagis as saying "Our membership is delayed because of some political reasons." Daily HURRIYET cited Croatia's ambassador to Turkey Drazen Hrastic as saying "Turkey was among the leading countries that supported Croatia in EU membership process. We have never forgotten its support and we will support Turkey more now as we have become a member of EU."


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