Turkish dailies covered on Wednesday latest developments in Egypt, opposition support for constitution drafting process, new Fenerbahce coach's ambitions, and court decision on network operator Turkcell's shares.


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Turkish dailies covered on Wednesday the recent developments in Egypt.

Daily STAR headlined "no road map other than with Morsi", saying the Muslim Brotherhood, a powerful political organization in Egypt from which Morsi hails, has announced it does not recognize the "road map charted by the junta".

The daily said the group would continue their resistance until Morsi is reinstated as president.

Dailies ZAMAN and SABAH covered the remarks by the foreign minister of Lithuania, which holds the rotating European Union presidency as of July, regarding the coup in Egypt.

They quoted Minister Linkevicius as saying: "The democratically elected government cannot be removed by military force. It [coup] is not the fact we should be proud about, try to explain or legitimize or to set a precedent."

Turkish dailies covered Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek's talks with opposition leaders.

Daily MILLIYET headlined "Go-ahead for new constitution”, quoting the leaders as saying "We will not leave the table [for talks]". The daily said the leaders claim the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party's proposal for adopting a presidential system of government stalls the process.

Daily AKSAM published "Final tour in new constitution", saying the deadlock persists in the more than a year long constitution drafting efforts following the third round of meetings between Speaker Cicek as the coordinator and opposition leaders.

Daily STAR added Cicek will meet Erdogan later in the day to discuss the recent developments in the process.

Turkish dailies covered the new Fenerbahce coach Ersun Yanal's first press statement on the job.

Daily MILLIYET headlined "Yanal talks big: 1 year enough", referring to the one-year contract Yanal accepted. "I think it is enough time as a period that will be etched in golden letters in Fenerbahce's history," the daily quoted him as saying.

Meanwhile the dailies also covered Fenerbahce's legal defence at the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) Appeals Body in regards to a three-year ban from European competitions imposed on the club owing to match-fixing charges.

Daily SABAH said Fenerbahce legal team hopes to settle the dispute at UEFA and clear the path to Europe without having to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Several Turkish dailies also covered the decision of British Privy Council, highest court of appeals in the country, regarding ownership of 13.81% of Turkish network operator Turkcell's shares.

Daily HURRIYET wrote the decision means Mehmet Emin Karamehmet, founder of Turkcell, has to pay 1.6 billion dollars within two months to Russian company Altimo to reacquire the shares.

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