Turkish dailies covered on Thursday meeting of Turkish PM and parliament speaker on constitution drafting process, staff change in PKK terrorist organization, death of a university student wounded during Gezi protests and Western silence toward Egyptian military coup.


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Turkish dailies covered on Thursday the meeting of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek on the constitution drafting process, as the last step of his round of talks with all political leaders.

Several Turkish dailies gave wide coverage of Turkish PM Erdogan's support to continuing efforts towards constitution drafting and call upon the opposition to deputies at the Parliament's constitution drafting committee, as he spoke after his meeting with Turkish Parliament Speaker Cicek. 

Daily VATAN headlined "Two more months," underpinning the final decision to continue the constitution drafting efforts until September as a resut of Turkish Parliament Speaker Cicek's round of talks with the political leaders.

It cited Erdogan as saying "There are 48 articles that were agreed on. Increase them to 68-78 articles. If you cannot, then let's pass the 48 articles."

Daily HABERTURK published "Let's finish the constitution," mentioning Erdogan's call on Turkish deputies to work harder for the constitution to prove how sincere they are in the process.

Referring to Cicek, HABERTURK wrote" The Parliament will take no recession until the constitution drafting is completed via intense work. 'You should deserve the holiday' said Cicek."

Daily TARAF said "Sprint for the 48 articles of the constitution," citing Erdogan's call on passing the 48 articles deputies agreed on.

Covering Erdogan's urging call to Turkish deputies to work harder and longer-10-15 hours- for the constitution, daily AKSAM headlined "Let's finish the constitution this summer." 

Daily HURRIYET headlined "Let's solve out the constitution issue," describing Erdogan's call as a surprise.

Staff change in PKK terrorist organization 

Many dailies covered the staff change in KCK, the urban political and superior administrative structure of the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK, based in Qandil in northern Iraq.

Daily STAR headlined "Revision in Qandil", stressing that as a critical change, head of the executive committee of KCK Murat Karayilan was replaced by a military figure.

Daily ZAMAN published "KCK decides to strengthen its armed wing" saying that KCK's ex-executive Murat Karayilan was appointed to the military wing of the organization.

Daily TARAF wrote "KCK head replaced," underlining that KCK shifted to co-chairman system surprisingly.

Daily VATAN also said "New staff for solution process," covering the comments on the change as "New administration for the solution process takes the Qandil seat."

Death of a university student after Gezi protests  

Some dailies covered the death of a university student who was injured during Gezi protests in Turkish central city of Eskisehir, Ali Ismail Korkmaz. He was seriously beaten on June 2 by unidentified people with sticks.

Daily VATAN headlined "Sad news," saying the 19-year-old lost his fight for life after 38 days.

Daily BUGUN said "5th Gezi death is in Eskisehir," covering the claim that Korkmaz was sent to home by the hospital he had been taken, justifying he was fine.

Daily HURRIYET wrote "And Ali dies," noting that the perpetrators have not yet been found for 38 days.

Western silence toward Egyptian military coup 

Meanwhile the dailies also covered the silence of the West upon the military coup in Egypt, and the insistence of these countries not to call it coup but display a stance as to support the Egyptian Army's unseating the first elected President Mohamed Morsi.

Daily ZAMAN published a news analysis saying "The West not always sides with democracy against coup."

Daily STAR headlined "Coup lobby pours money to the Egyptian junta," highlighting that International Monetary Fund (IMF), seeing democracy and Islam as a threat, permitted a loan of USD 4.8 billion and Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait vowed Egypt an aid of USD 12 billion in total. 

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