Turkish dailies covered Wednesday Turkish PM Erdogan's meeting with martyrs' relatives in an iftar dinner and his criticisms against the "interest rate lobby", a severe accusation from Fenerbahce for the UEFA decision on a match-fixing scandal, EU decision which bans funding groups in Jewish settlements and an exclusive news that claims that PKK will become a state in Syria


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Most of the Turkish dailies covered Wednesday Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's meeting in a fast breaking dinner with relatives of the Turkish troops who were killed while fighting. Daily MILLIYET headlined "Warning for the interest rate lobby," saying Erdogan criticized "the interest rate lobby" again and quoted him as saying "you know those credit cards, do not get them."

Daily VATAN headlined "Do not get any credit cards." It cited Erdogan as saying "there is a lobby which does not want a strong Turkey."

Daily TURKIYE said "[Solution] Process to succeed" and quoted Erdogan as saying, "the process is not a process that hurts our martyrs," in reference to government's efforts to solve the Kurdish issue.

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined "Saboteurs cannot pay the price," citing Erdogan as saying "those who want to fail the [solution] process cannot face the past."

"Severe accusation from Fenerbahce"

Almost all of the dailies covered the decision of European soccer's governing body, the Union of European Football Associations' (UEFA), on a match-fixing scandal in Turkey involving the Istanbul side Fenerbahce.

Daily MILLIYET headlined "A severe accusation from Fenerbahce," saying Fenerbahce will appeal the UEFA decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on Wednesday and added, the evidence showing Fenerbahce's involvement in the match-fixing scandal was sent to UEFA by Ebru Koksal, who was then TFF Secretary-General and currently is a board of member of rival Turkish football team, Galatasaray.

Daily RADIKAL said "A letter from football players to UEFA" saying that Fenerbahce football players criticized two-year ban and said in a press meeting yesterday that they would send a letter to UEFA.

Daily SABAH entitled "The real doomsday on the horizon" saying that if UEFA ban will be approved by CAS, the nightmare of Turkish Football Federation will actually begin.

Daily HURRIYET headlined "If we were the ones who gave money, where is the recipient," and quoted Fenerbahce goalkeeper Volkan Demirel as saying, "we deny the match-mixing accusation and we have no hope from CAS."

EU decision for funding groups in Jewish settlements

Daily AKSAM covered the decision of the European Union (EU) which bans the funding of groups in Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian territories, and added that concrete support was given for the will of independence of Palestine based on the 1967 borders.

PKK to become a state in Syria

Daily TURKIYE headlined an exclusive news "PKK is becoming a state in Syria", referring to the PKK organization, saying that "The Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), received the support of Kurdish parties and declaring self-determination and there is a referendum in 3 months" by indicating it as a new risk in Turkey's southern border.

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