Turkish dailies covered on Thursday seizure of a Syrian town by a Kurdish group, PM Erdogan's remarks on Egypt, a fallout between several football bosses, and a deadly conflict between two farmer families in eastern Turkey.


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Turkish dailies covered the capture of the Syrian town of Ras Al Ayn by the terrorist organization Democratic Union Party (PYD), after daylong clashes between the group and Syrian opposition fighters.

Daily ZAMAN said Turkish General Staff made an announcement on Wednesday, saying PYD, the Syrian branch of the outlawed PKK, gained complete control of the town and forced the retreat of fighters of al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda-linked rebel group in Syria fighting to topple country's President Bashar al-Assad.

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined "Al Qaeda-PYD Border War", saying clashes flared up in Ras Al Ayn because of PYD preparing to declare autonomy in the region.

Daily VATAN’s headline was "Under Fire", referring to the Turkish border town of Ceylanpinar, where a person died and a border post became the target of two rocket grenades coming out of the heated conflict. The daily said Turkish forces returned fire as per rules of engagement.

PKK’s Qandil headquarters issued a congratulatory message following the PYD capture of Ras Al Ayn, daily VATAN added.

Most Turkish dailies covered Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks at an iftar dinner organized by his party’s provincial branch in capital Ankara.

Daily BUGUN headlined "I’m an Alewite through and through", in reference to Erdogan’s words, which the daily quoted as "If being an Alewite means loving Ali (son-in-law of Islamic prophet Muhammad), then I’m an Alewite through and through."

Daily ZAMAN published the headline "Erdogan: Morsi is not our main concern", quoting the prime minister as saying "I see [Morsi] as the president due to the respect that I have for the Egyptian people. If [acting Vice President Mohammed] ElBaradei were an elected leader, I would say the same thing for him. But he is not elected."

Daily SABAH said Erdogan turned down ElBaradei’s request for a meeting for the same rationale.

Several Turkish dailies covered a row between Turkish football club Fenerbahce’s Chairman, Aziz Yildirim, and UEFA Vice President Senes Erzik.

Daily RADIKAL headlined "UEFA aftershocks", referring to the bans Turkish football clubs Fenerbahce and Besiktas received on match-fixing charges. The daily said there is a "war" between Yildirim and Erzik, with Fenerbahce head calling for UEFA executive's resignation. The daily quoted Erzik as saying "I did not do anything shameful."

Daily SABAH headlined "Double salvo on Yildirim", saying both Erzik and Unal Aysal, chairman of Fenerbahce archrivals Galatasaray, slammed Yildirim for what Erzik calls embarrassing Turkey in front of the whole world.

Daily AKSAM published a piece on the discussions regarding the possibility of Fenerbahce having to return 2010-2011 championship cup, which would then be offered to second-seat Trabzonspor. Several Fenerbahce officials, including Yildirim, were convicted of match-fixing during the 2011 season.

Turkish dailies also covered a deadly feud in the eastern province of Mus between two agrarian families that could not share a pasture area.

Daily AKSAM headlined "Grass war", saying the long-drawn-out conflict between Dost and Kundo families ended in blood, resulting in 7 deaths and 9 injuries

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