Turkish dailies covered on Friday seizure of Syria-Turkey border by a Kurdish group called PYD, the 5th face transplant at Akdeniz University in Turkey, the Court of Arbitration for Sport's (CAS) suspension of the execution of UEFA's decision banning the Turkish football clubs from European competitions and election of a female chief for the Council of State in Turkey


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Turkish dailies covered the capture of the Syrian border by the organization Democratic Union Party (PYD), after repulsing Al Qaeda militants.

Daily SOZCU said Turkey's new neighbor was clear, adding PYD, the Syrian branch of the outlawed PKK, rapidly spreaded in the north of the country and took the control of border gate across Ceylanpinar town of southern province Hatay. Daily VATAN headlined "Alarm on border", in reference to PYD's control of Syria-Turkey border saying the organization took the control of four regions on Turkey's border and its new target was Tel Abyad region across Akcakale town. Hereupon, Turkish General Staff took new security measures.

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined "Card of autonomy", publishing Syrian State President Bashar al-Assad would, on Friday, proclaim an autonomy for PYD which declared war against Syrian opposition fighters and it was also stated that Damascus government would leave control of six regions to the organization.

Daily ZAMAN's headline was "Danger of PKK state on border" publishing capture of Ras al-Ain on Syria's northern border with Turkey and claim of autonomy were evaluated as a phase of establishing an autonomous Kurdish region in northern Syria which was beforehand stated in a four-part puzzle of a “Kurdistan country".

Most Turkish dailies covered the 5th face transplant at Akdeniz University in Turkey in which face of a Polish tourist was transferred to that of a 27 old-year Turkish.

Daily SABAH titled "Both chin and face", publishing that the Turkish professor Omer Ozkan transferred chin and face of a Polish called Andrzej Kucza (43) to a Turkish Recep Sert (27) and the operation lasted for 8 hours. Daily HABERTURK's headline was "A joyful face transplant" which said professor Omer Ozkan, the doctor who firstly actualized face transplant in Turkey, also actualized a chin transplant during the operation. The doctor said, "We joyfully actualized the operation".

Daily AKSAM published that the professor Omer Ozkan intersected a 322 km road which started in Mugla province of Turkey to actualize the transplant and the transplant was applied to Recep Sert whose face was injured with the fire that broke out while cleaning his gun.

Turkish dailies also covered the Court of Arbitration for Sport's (CAS) suspension of the execution of UEFA's decision to ban the Turkish football clubs from European competitions.

Daily VATAN's headline was "Back to Europe" publishing that CAS stopped execution of banning decision of the two Turkish football clubs Fenerbahce and Besiktas from Europe. It also published that there were two trials on August 21-23 at CAS and the final judgement for Fenerbahce was on August 28 and for Besiktas on August 30.

Several Turkish dailies covered the election of a female chief called Zerrin Gungor for the Council of State in Turkey.

Daily ZAMAN headlined "Zerrin Gungor new president for the Council of State" publishing that the former president Huseyın Karakullukcu retired on age grounds on June 15, 2013. General Assembly gathered for the fourth time on Thursday and Gungor was elected as president of the Council of State with 80 members' votes.

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