Turkish dailies covered on Monday PM Erdogan's remarks at a fast breaking dinner in Istanbul, results of Turkish clubs' friendlies, Syrian opposition al-Nusra's counteroffensive against terrorist group PYD and a prisoner exchange, and outlawed PKK leader Ocalan's call for press conference.


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Turkish dailies covered on Friday Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks on Gezi Park and the ongoing constitution drafting process.

Daily SABAH headlined "We have no red lines", quoting Erdogan as “We will preserve our differences but meet on common ground as the 76 million people [of Turkey]".

The daily said Erdogan called on the opposition parties to evidence their sincerity by accelerating the multi-party efforts to draft a new constitution that were initiated over a year ago. The daily said Erdogan does not regard the presidential system, which his party proposed, as an indispensable condition.

Daily HURRIYET wrote "Soon at Gezi", saying Erdogan recalled a tea time conversation with citizens in Uskudar, a major Istanbul district, and expressed his desire to do the same at Gezi Park, the now well-known center of recent anti-government protests.

Turkish dailies covered the results of preparation matches that Turkish clubs played on Sunday. Daily HURRIYET headlined "We miss football so much", and said "masterly" Fenerbahce won 4-0, while "formidable" Galatasaray drew 3-3 and "ambitious" Besiktas 1-1.

Turkish dailies covered a counterattack on Sunday by al-Qaeda-linked Syrian opposition group al-Nusra on Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian branch of the terrorist organization PKK.

Daily BUGUN headlined "Nusra strikes back", saying the group organized an 3,000-strong attack on PYD in Ras al-Ayn, a border town currently under PYD control. The daily said five out of thirty injuries died after being brought to neighboring Turkish town of Akcakale.

"Prisoner exchange on border" was the headline of daily VATAN, which said Abu Musa, the captured al-Qaeda leader of Chechen origin, was returned to al-Nusra in exchange for 300 Kurdish fighters.

Turkish dailies also covered imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan's call for a press conference in Imrali, the prison island in the south of the Sea of Marmara.

Daily ZAMAN said the leader of pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), Suleyman Demirtas, and the deputy chairwoman of BDP's parliamentary group, Pervin Buldan, visited Ocalan on Sunday afternoon.

In a written statement following the visit, the leaders conveyed Ocalan's request for a press conference, as well as his opinion that it would make a significant contribution to the ongoing "peace process", talks between the Turkish intelligence officials and the PKK aimed at a long-awaited end to terrorism in the country.

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