Turkish dailies covered on Thursday the Turkish premier's defense of the Turkish police's role during the Gezi Park events, world artists' letter to Erdogan criticizing handling of the protests, the election threshold statements by deputy premier, Assad's Alawite state bargaining with Israel, and the US's suspension of F-16 sales to Egypt


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Turkish dailies covered on Thursday the security summit in Ankara gathered by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to evaluate the claims about Democratic Union Party’s (PYD), a Syrian offshoot of the PKK, preparations to announce autonomy in the north of Syria, Erdogan's tough responses against criticisms of police regarding their handling of the Gezi Park protests, famous world artists' letter to Prime Minister Erdogan condemning Turkish authorities’ heavy-handed crackdown on the Gezi Park protests, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc's statements about the election threshold, allegations of Bashar Assad's bargaining with Israel to establish an Alawite state in the Mediterranean strip, and US President Barack Obama's suspending of F-16 airplanes sale to Egypt.

All Turkish dailies covered the sudden gathering of 3.5 hours long security summit at the prime ministry by Erdogan with the participation of Chief of General Staff Necdet Ozel, Undersecretary of National Intelligence Organization Hakan Fidan and several ministers. Daily YENI SAFAK headlined "That flag will be hauled down", and published that the summit, during which the mobility at the border was covered, PYD's raising its own flag on the official buildings in Ras Al Ayn, its road map to announce its autonomy and the support of Kurdish administration in north of Iraq were discussed. Daily HABERTURK published that the participants shared the information that PYD flag will be hauled down, houses in Turkish town of Ceylanpinar at Syrian border was evacuated. Daily AKSAM titled "No permission for autonomous region", and published that the meeting underlined that a fait accompli would not be allowed about autonomy. Daily TARAF titled "Dialogue with PYD via Ocalan", and published that Ankara'a best alternative on the table was to "try to control PYD through Ocalan and Qandil who were already contacted due to solution process," while an intervention to PYD was the weakest possibility on table during yesterday's summit.

Erdogan's defense of Turkish police

Daily STAR headlined "Protect your people, not the state", and quoted Erdogan at an iftar organized by the riot police on Wednesday as saying "In progressed democracies, police exist to protect the individual's rights, not the state's. If you protect the state against the people, it would become cruel." Daily SABAH published that Erdogan said, "Western police's behaviors towards their citizens fall behind us." Daily YENI SAFAK titled "Nation's headlines determine our agenda", quoting Erdogan. Responding the criticisms to the police's handling of Gezi Park protests, "We are not bothered by the headlines of the newspapers, the nations' headlines concern us. Those who give advices to us, should first make self-criticism," said Erdogan, referring to the murder of 17 year-old African-American Trayvon Martin.

World artists' letter to Erdogan

Daily TARAF titled "A very tough letter to Erdogan", while Daily RADIKAL explained that artists and scholars, including celebrities known for their activism, such as Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Ben Kingsley and movie director David Lynch, have condemned the Turkish authorities’ heavy-handed crackdown on the Gezi Park protests in Turkey in a full-page letter published July 24 in the British broadsheet The Times and addressed to Erdogan. Daily HURRIYET published that 30 names from Western art world criticized PM Erdogan because of the excessive use of force against protesters during the Gezi Park events.

Election threshold statements by Deputy PM

Daily VATAN headlined "Threshold endures", and published that Turkish Deputy PM Bulent Arinc said his final word about pulling down of the election threshold, that is, it would remain the same as 10 percent. Daily TARAF headlined "A package of democracy awaits the prime minister" and published that the democratization package directed at solution process was finalized, and would be presented to Erdogan after Friday's final meeting. Daily MILLIYET quoted Arinc as saying, "For stability, we will protect the threshold, but we can take steps to strenghthen justice for representation."

Assad's Alawite state bargaining with Israel

Daily YENI SAFAK published The Guardian's story that Bashar Assad sent an envoy to former foreign minister Avignor Liebermann to convince Israel not to obstruct the establishment of Alawite state on Mediterranean coast. Referring to The Guardian's story, YENI SAFAK published that a source aware of the talks said that Lieberman had not rebuffed the approach but had first sought information on the whereabouts of a missing Israeli airman shot down over Lebanon, Ron Arad, as well as three Israeli soldiers captured in the Lebanese village of Sultan Yacoub in 1982, and the remains of Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy intelligence officer who was caught and executed in Damascus. Daily STAR titled "Dirty bargaining" and published that Liebermann did not object to The Guardian's claims, and gave place to the newspaper's predictions that Assad could initiate etnic cleansing in Sunni areas.

Suspension of US F-16 to Egypt

Some dailies also covered the decision by US Defense Department to suspend the pre-planned sale of F-16 airplanes to Egypt. Daily MILLIYET headlined "Postponment to F-16s", publishing that despite going on with military aid to Egypt, the US decided to suspend the sale of F-16's, referring to declaration of US Defense Department spokesperson George Little. Daily AKSAM published that the US suspended the sale of four F-16 to Egypt, quoting Pentagon as saying "Because of the current situation in Egypt, we believe delivery of F-16 was not right at the moment", and added the decision was made unanimously.

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