Turkish dailies covered on Tuesday the Turkish premier's speech after iftar, the funeral ceremony of Turkish martyr killed in a suicide attack on the Turkish Embassy in the Somali capital, the Assad forces' retaking of Homs from opposition forces, and a mysterious accident in which Turkish judge was killed in Sivas


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Turkish dailies covered Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech after an iftar program (fast-breaking meal) given by Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas on Monday. Erdogan made a speech after the iftar program and talked about the current issues on agenda, wishing unity and fraternity. He said that history repeated itself and they have to take a lesson from the events.

Daily MILLIYET headlined "What are we fighting for?" and quoted Erdogan as saying 'Even if we are president, or prime minister, or else deputy, the final destination for all of us is a 2 cubic meters pit. After death, if your relatives visit your grave in even religious days, thank their lucky stars. Well, what are we fighting for?" giving messages of tolerance. Daily SABAH dealed Erdogan's statement about those people killed on an airstrike in December, 2011 in the northeastern border town of Uludere by the Turkish army that killed 34 citizens on account of erroneous intelligence that they were PKK members infiltrating Turkey and headlined "Those killed in Uludere and also in Hantepe (where Turkish soldiers were killed) are our brothers" publishing that Erdogan critized the understanding which makes discrimination on those killed, adding there would be equal judgement on both sides.

Turkish dailies covered the funeral ceremony of a Turkish security guard killed in a suicide attack on Turkish Embassy building in Somali capital of Mogadishu.

Daily VATAN titled "Farewell to hero" publishing his three children wrenched people's hearts during the funeral held for the martyr Sinan Yilmaz. Two sons of the police officer, Muhammet (16) and Mustafa (14) and his daughter Meleknur (4) attended the funeral wearing police uniforms and affected those attending in funeral. Daily ZAMAN headlined "A sombre farewell to the martyred father" and published Sinan Yilmaz was given a military funeral in Amasya which was his last place of duty and his family hugged the coffin with tears which made people feel woeful. Daily STAR's headline was "Farewell to Somalia's Turkish martyr" publishing Sinan Yilmaz who was killed in a suicide attack in Somalia was laid to rest and his 14-year-old son cried for minutes hugging the coffin. His 4-year-old daughter Meleknur watched around without knowing what was going on.

Turkish dailies covered Assad forces' retaking Homs from opposition forces.

Daily ZAMAN headlined "Syrian opposition loses Homs, too" publishing Assad forces which were supported by Iran and Hezbollah managed to take control of a big region of Homs which was captured by opposition forces for over 1 year. Daily VATAN's title was "He (Assad) destroyed his country" publishing Assad forces killed 100,000 dissidents during the crisis lasting for two years and Assad who poured bombs on his people with aircraft converted Homs into a ghost city. Assad declared on Monday that he retook Homs from opposition groups and it was seen that the city was heavily destroyed.

Turkish dailies covered a mysterious accident in which a Turkish judge was killed in Sivas, a city in central Turkey

Daily HURRIYET headlined "A judge killed in mysterious accident" publishing body of a judge in Kurtalan district of Siirt province of Turkey, Yasar Yilmaz, was found in a car which plunged over a cliff in Sivas. Gendarmerie forces found 25 kg hashish and illicit drugs in the car, which was mysterious. Yilmaz's relatives claimed the judge did not have a driving license and did not know how to drive a car. Daily CUMHURIYET titled "A judge killed in accident with full of secrets" and published 34-year-old judge was killed in a car accident occurring in Gurun district of Sivas. 25 kg hashish and illicit drugs were found in the car and the reason of his death would be ascertained after autopsy results were released.

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