Turkish dailies covered Wednesday Ashton's meeting with Egyptian ousted president Morsi, a Syrian Kurdish High Council member's assassination, and interception of an inflatable boat in Turkey's Aegean Izmir province


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Ashton's meeting with Egyptian ousted president Morsi

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met Tuesday with Egypt's ousted president Mohammed Morsi, which was the first visit to him from the outside world. Almost all of the Turkish dailies covered the meeting giving some details. Daily STAR published "She (Ashton) tried to persuade Morsi of the 'road map of the junta' ". Ashton told that they discussed on a solution formula with Morsi, the daily said. Daily VATAN headlined "Morsi's choice" saying Morsi declined the proposal by Ashton which said 'Morsi would be released in the event that he brings an end to anti-coup protests by his supporters'. The daily quoted Morsi as saying, "I am an elected president. The only way that I can give up is the democratic and constitutional ways. I will not prefer my release to the constitutional legitimacy." Referring to the matter, daily MILLIYET published "Clear the streets and get released" stressing the claim that Ashton told Morsi he would be released if the anti-coup protests end in the country. Ashton, on the other hand contradicted the news, according to the daily's news based on Anadolu Agency. The daily added Ashton did not know where her Tuesday meeting with Morsi took place exactly.

Syrian Kurdish High Council member Isa Huso assassinated in Syria

Almost all of the dailies covered the assassination of Isa Huso, a prominent Kurdish politician, as he left his house in the Syrian Kurdish city of Qamishli. He died outside his home near Turkish border when a bomb placed in his car exploded. Daily SABAH said, 10 more people were killed during the air strikes in Syria Tuesday. Huso might have been killed by opposition Kurdish groups or Al-Nusra Front which struggles for political power with the Democratic Union Party (PYD), daily MILLIYET said. Daily CUMHURIYET added Huso was a close friend of the PKK's Abdullah Ocalan.

Interception of an inflatable boat in Turkey's Aegean Izmir province

Greek coast guards intercepted an inflatable boat loaded with ammunition near the shores of Chios Island off Turkey's Cesme coast, daily YENI SAFAK published. Many weapons and explosives were seized in the raid while 12 people, 2 of whom are from Turkey, were detained. The DHKP-C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front) was most probably making the shipment of weapons to use them during protests in Turkey's Aegean Izmir province, daily HURRIYET said citing Greek daily To Vima. Daily SABAH said officials seized 2 anti-tank weapons, 4 grenades, and 2 guns in the raid. Those two Turkish people detained in the operation are supposed to be members of the DHKP-C, the daily published.

Financial support of Kemalist Ideology Association to "The Times" for the publication of open letter against Turkish PM Erdogan

Some dailies also covered Fuad Kavur's speech to Anadolu Agency concerning the British "The Times" newspaper's publishing an open letter addressed to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on July 24, 2013. The letter criticised Erdogan's handling of recent Gezi Park protests and accused Turkey's government of "dictatorial rule". "The money for the letter gathered in two weeks" headlined daily HABER TURK saying Kemalist Ideology Association in England gathered the money via Twitter and Facebook in order to publish the open letter. Daily YENI SAFAK cited Fuad Kavur, a Turkish producer and director living in England, as saying, "I united those who signed for the letter." The open letter was signed by 30 people including actors, actresses, producers and directors as well as Turkish pianist Fazil Say. Daily AKSAM also cited Fuad Kavur as saying "Kemalist Ideology Association paid to 'The Times' for the publication of the open letter, which cost $25.000."

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