Turkish dailies covered on Thursday ouster of Egypt's president and a court ruling on redevelopment plans at Istanbul's central Taksim Square.

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All Turkish dailies covered on Thursday the ouster Egypt's president and a court ruling against a development project in Istanbul's Taksim Square. 

Daily CUMHURIYET headlined "Military Coup in Egypt", saying the army has overthrown Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi. The daily said the army intervened in Egypt when pro and anti-government sides failed find a solution to the political crisis in the country. " Morsi is no more the president," the daily said.

"Egypt's February 28," daily SABAH headlined, likening the Egyptian military's move to a military memorandum in Turkey in 1997 which forced an elected government to resign. "The army deposed the elected president by force of arms while Morsi called on his people to stand up to the intervention saying he did not recognize this 'post modern coup,'" the daily said.  "Ankara warned," daily Sabah quoting Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying "in all democracies elected governments leave office through elections."

Daily HURRIYET said the army ousted Morsi, but the president had called on Egyptians "to resist" the military coup. The daily also said Turkey had "stepped in for democracy" saying that the Turkish foreign minister and the country's European Union minister had urged European countries and the countries in the region to protect democracy.

Daily HABER TURK headlined "Military coup, Arab Spring wasted," saying the Arab Spring in Egypt was "ousted." The daily said the army toppled the elected president who came to power a year ago, and seized the control of the country. The daily said Morsi had called for democracy while the world "watched" the coup in the making. 

Daily ZAMAN headlined "Military coup in democracy, technocrat government in Egypt." The daily said the army deposed President Morsi who was elected by winning 52 percent of the votes. The daily said Morsi's offer to form an interim coalition government was not taken into account. It said Egyptian Defense Minister General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi gave a TV address announcing  the suspension of the constitution and the formation a government of of technocrats.

Daily VATAN covered the military intervention in Egypt and headlined "Morsi ousted by General he appointed." The daily said Egypt's president had appointed Abdul Fattah al-Sisi as head of the army 12 months ago and he was deposed by the same general. The daily also covered  an Istanbul court's ruling against redevelopment projects at the Taksim Square in central Istanbul. The daily said court canceled all the projects including the pedestrianization of the square, and the construction of a replica Ottoman era barracks on the site of Taksim Gezi Park.

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