Turkish dailies covered Monday the sympathy rally held on Sunday in Germany for Turkish PM, Erdogan's speech on the ongoing protests in Egypt, and the arrival of the holy month Ramadan.

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All of the dailies covered Monday the sympathy rally organised by the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) in Germany's Dusseldorf. Over ten thousand people from several EU states came together in Dusseldorf and voiced their support for Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a rally on Sunday. "Turkish spring in Germany" headlined daily YENI SAFAK saying around 50 thousand Turks living in Europe gave messages of 'respect to democracy' both in Turkey and in Egypt. "We can not approve military junta" the daily cited Erdogan as saying concerning the military coup in Egypt last Wednesday. Daily SABAH said people rallied in Dusseldorf burst with joy when Erdogan addressed to them via video-conference. The daily quoted Erdogan as saying, "Our citizens all over the world protected the value of democracy." Daily STAR titled "Love has no limit" referring to the rally that brought tens of thousands of people to support the Turkish prime minister. In his speech through video-conference, Erdogan lashed out at the military coup in Egypt that ousted country's elected President Mohamed Morsi, saying forces removing Morsi  "could not bear an elected president just for one year. They have not shown respect to the will of the people in Egypt."

Erdogan: 'We are on the side of Egyptian people'

The speech of Prime Minister Erdogan at  the inauguration ceremony of a new underwater tube line in Istanbul was also published in almost all of the dailies. "The so-called government in Egypt now says Turkey should not intervene in their domestic affairs. We are not intervening. We are on the side of Egyptian people," quoted daily TARAF Erdogan as saying. The daily also published the statement of U.S. "We are not taking sides on Egypt" and said U.S. was criticized for remaining silent against the military coup in the country. Erdogan called for the release of all who have been arrested in Egypt including Morsi as soon as possible as daily SABAH published. "The West who claims to be against the military coup, why do you remain silent on Egypt?" cited the daily Edogan as asking to EU and UN. "Erdogan condemned those who did not condemn the military coup in Egypt" titled daily HABER TURK concerning his speech on the recent developments in Egypt. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Erdogan criticized the EU and the UN stating they failed condemning the military coup in the same fashion as some Muslim countries excluding Turkey and Qatar which he said stood against the coup in a determined way.

Muslims ready to welcome Ramadan on Tuesday, 9th of July

Countdown started to Ramadan, the holy month of prayer, fasting, charity-giving and self-accountability for Muslims. Dailies also covered the arrival of the holy month Ramadan. "Welcome Ramadan" published daily VATAN and said the holy month will begin on Tuesday following the first Tarawih on Monday, special prayers which are held in mosques every night of the month. Daily HURRIYET reminded the first suhoor meals will be prepared Monday night, the last meal eaten by Muslims before fasting from dawn to sunset during the month of Ramadan. "Suhoor time for Turkey" published daily AKSAM and said the earliest suhoor time will be in eastern Ardahan province of Turkey while the latest will be in western Mugla province.

Support for Egyptian people is on the rise

Daily YENI SAFAK says millions of people rallied across Egypt to protest against the military coup that ousted Egypt's first elected president Mohamed Morsi. Much more people supported the pro-Morsi protesters all over the world including countries such as Yemen, Israel, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Rallied in capital Sana'a, many Yemeni supporters protested against military junta in Egypt while others in Bosnia-Herzegovina chanted slogans "We support the will of Egyptian people". The daily quoted Tunisian leader of Al-Nahda Movement Rashid Al-Gannushi as saying, "Morsi is an elected president, no one has the right to overthrow him." Arabs living in Israel also took part in the protests condemning the military coup, as  the daily said. 

Claims that U.S. is behind the coup in Egypt

U.S. turned out to have taken part in the incidents across Egypt months before the military coup, as daily AKSAM says. The daily pointed out that U.S. also did not name what was happening in the country as 'coup', like other European countries.

Morsi learnt that there was only 1 hour left to the military coup from U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson, AKSAM quoted New York Times. Attributing the news to New York Times, daily AKSAM published one of the assistants of Morsi said "Mother America says 1 hour left" showing the involvement of U.S. in the coup in Egypt. 

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