Turkish dailies covered on Tuesday the reopening of Istanbul's Gezi Park, the Egyptian army attack on demonstrators and a large scale operation against marijuana fields in Diyarbakir


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All of the dailies covered on Tuesday the reopening of Istanbul's Gezi Park. "Gezi reopened, then closed" headlined daily MILLIYET and noted that the park, which became the weeks-long issue on Turkish agenda, was reopened by  Governor of Istanbul Huseyin Avni Mutlu midday Monday with a ceremony. Meanwhile, the police contained a group of people who were chanting slogans.

"On-Off Gassing" headlined daily HURRIYET and added that police closed the park just 4 hours after its reopening and police used tear gas and water cannon on people who went to the park.

Moreover, daily RADIKAL headlined, "Opened with a ceremony, closed with gassing" and published that 37 people were taken under custody following the police interference on Gezi Park visitors.

Egyptian army kills many pro-Morsi demonstrators

"Massacre during morning prayer", headlined daily SABAH and stated that Egyptian military forces opened fire on pro-Morsi demonstrators who were praying in front of the barracks and ensanguined Egypt just before Ramadan. The paper added that Egyptian army troops fusilladed directly hundreds of thousands of people praying in front of the military quarters where ousted president Mohamed Morsi was being kept under custody. The 5-minute long fire caused the killing of 51 people including 5 children.

Daily RADIKAL headlined, "Sniping massacre with cameras on" and stated that the day's frightful image was of a troop firing from the roof of a building and a cameraman recording right behind him. The paper said a sniper and a cameraman were seen on the roop of the military quarters where Morsi is being kept in Cairo. Daily RADIKAL noted that the sniper was firing on the crowd and continued after refilling his charger.

Counter-narcotics operation on marijuana farms in Diyarbakir

"Major operation to poison farms", headlined daily TARAF and stated that over a thousand soldiers and police officers located two million roots of marijuana and burned them all in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir in Turkey.

Daily ZAMAN published "Huge operation to Marijuana farms in Diyarbakir", saying that on Monday morning in an operation which around one thousand staff attended and security forces entered marijuana farms in Lice, Hazro and Kocakoy districts of southern province of Diyarbakir. Also the paper added that in the operation, unmanned aerial vehicles (uav), two helicopters, 17 armoured vehicles were used.

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