Today's Turkish dailies focus on bid to solve Turkey's Kurdish issue and prime minister's meeting with Iraqi Kurdish counterpart.


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Turkish dailies on Friday mostly focused on a bill submitted to Turkey's parliament proposing a peace process to solve the country's Kurdish issue; Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's meeting with Iraqi Kurdish counterpart Nechirvan Barzani; and developments in Turkey's presidential election campaign.

The ruling AK Party government has introduced a draft bill to provide a legal basis for talks in the peace process, in a bid to settle the decades-long Kurdish issue. Daily HABERTURK ran the headline "The Official Solution", a reference to the rights granted to the government for the process.

MILLIYET and SABAH ("Time to bid farewell to arms") stressed that the bill's provision of measures to allow fighters who lay down their weapons to be integrated into society and politics.

On Thursday, Erdogan met Barzani as part of diplomatic endeavours to solve the ongoing conflict in Iraq, where radical militants have taken control of parts of the country. Erdogan urged for the union of Iraq under a "national consensus" government that Kurds would contribute towards.

VATAN featured the meeting, saying "Do not divide, Let Maliki go" in reference to Ankara's message regarding Nouri al-Maliki, the long-term prime minister of Iraq's Shia-led central government, who is accused of stirring sectarian tension in the country by pushing Sunni groups aside.

Maliki has faced trouble in forming a new government since the April 30 elections and his unease doubled when Sunni insurgents, led by the group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, seized Iraq's second-biggest city Mosul and began an advance towards the capital Baghdad on June 10.

TARAF, on the other hand, featured the northern Iraqi autonomous Kurdish Regional Government's accelerating efforts to declare independence by benefitting from the country's political turmoil. Turkey has already recognized the country, the daily claimed, by mediating in the sale of Kurdish oil through Turkish pipelines. Israel's support for a possible independent Kurdish state was also mentioned.

Meanwhile, Turkish dailies, including HURRIYET also allocated their front pages to the attempts of opposition presidential candidate Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu unite seven political parties against his expected rival Erdogan.

Ihsanoglu, the former General-Secretary of the Islamic Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), emphasized secular governance and separation of state affairs from religion, TURKIYE said.

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