Wednesday's papers cover developments after Syrian-Kurdish fighters took the city of Tal Abyad from ISIL


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Turkish dailies on Wednesday mainly covered the latest developments following the Kurdish-Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD)’s seizure of Tal Abyad city from ISIL.

“The most heavy defeat for ISIL ,” was HURRIYET’s headline, claiming that the Kurds’ capturing of Tal Abyad had cut one of ISIL’s most important supply lines.

Turkey considers the PYD to be an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, which has for decades waged a bloody insurgency in the country.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist group by Turkey, the U.S. and the European Union.

The daily quoted the head of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdulrahman, saying the latest developments in the region was the biggest rout for ISIL.

The newspaper added that the Tal Abyad gateway was a vital point for ISIL as it was 90 kilometers [56 miles] away from Raqqa, which is the militant group’s ‘capital’ in Syria.

In a special interview MILLIYET quoted PYD co-chair Salih Muslim as saying: “Peace in the region means Turkey’s peace.”

According to the newspaper, Muslim added that a joint operation might be conducted on Raqqa if necessary.

“Here is Ankara’s crisis solution,” claimed AKSAM, referring to Turkey’s seven-item package to prevent what the country's leadership calls a ‘Kurdish corridor’ – territory being carved out in northern Syria through enforced demographic change.

“A safe and no fly-zone should be created on the border,” the daily wrote, adding that the Free Syrian Army should be located in places ISIL has abandoned.

“We were left alone,” was MILLIYET’s headline, referring to Syrian refuges around the world.

The newspaper reported a BBC article which claims Turkey is housing around two million Syrian refuges while only 120,000 are sheltered in the Europe and the U.S.

Turkish newspapers also covered the death penalty handed down to Egypt’s first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi.

“Shame on world: death sentence,” was STAR’s headline. Its front-page featured a picture of Morsi, who was ousted by the military in a 2013 coup, behind bars.

In domestic news, papers also covered an attack on prison governor Ismet Akturk who was shot dead by an unidentified gunman on Tuesday in western Turkey.

“Bloody ambush on prison governor,” was MILLIYET’s headline, reporting that the incident occurred at 8.30 a.m. local time (0530GMT) as 40-year-old Akturk, was being driven to his workplace in Kocaeli province.

The daily also added Kocaeli chief public prosecutor Mustafa Kucuk’s comments in which he said suspicions pointed to the outlawed far-left Revolutionary People's Liberation Party, or DHKP-C, as some members of the group are currently imprisoned.

In economic news, financial paper DUNYA reported about the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s list of Turkey's top 500 companies.

The daily said that energy giant TUPRAS was named as biggest company in Turkey in 2014.

Announcing its list of Turkey's top 500 firms, the organization ranked Ford Otosan – producer of Ford autos – as second-largest, and Oyak Renault carmaker as third-largest. Arcelik and Elektrik Uretim (Electricity Generation Company) followed.

TUPRAS has maintained its top rank since 2005. It earned 37.5 billion Turkish liras ($13.8 billion) of turnover in 2014.

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