Turkish dailies on Monday reported the identity of the suicide bomber who blew himself up on Istanbul's Istiklal Street


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Monday’s papers mainly covered the identity of the suicide bomber behind the Istanbul attack and the decision to postpone the football match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce.

The suicide bombing on Istanbul's Istiklal Street killed five people, including the suicide bomber, and injured 39 others.

“The same route, the same cell,” was HURRIYET’s headline.

The daily reported that the suicide bomber, identified as Mehmet Ozturk, had ties with the ISIL cell in the southeastern city of Gaziantep, just like suicide bombers from attacks over the last year in Diyarbakir, Suruc, and Ankara.

The daily added that Ozturk had also spent time in Syria.

“[The bomber] followed step by step,” was HABERTURK’s headline.

HABERTURK claimed that the suicide bomber pursued an Israeli tourist group until it reached Istiklal Street, where he blew himself up.

“Camera footage showed that Ozturk followed the group from Besiktas to Taksim. When the group entered a restaurant, he waited for them on a side street. When the tourists left the restaurant, he blew himself up,” the daily claimed.

Three Israeli citizens were killed and five were injured in the attack.

“One minute before [the attack],” was VATAN’s headline, publishing a photo showing the Israeli tourist group.

“The Israeli tourists appearing in the photo were all injured,” said VATAN’s caption.

“[We are] not afraid, [we are] here,” said YENI SAFAK’s front page, reporting on the Turkish people’s reaction against the Istanbul attack.

“People – including businesspeople, tourists, and visitors – laid carnations and said: ‘We are not afraid, we are here’,” YENI SAFAK reported.

Due to security concerns, Turkish authorities postponed the Istanbul derby between Turkey’s top football clubs Galatasaray and Fenerbahce.

“The derby was postponed due to critical information,” was HABERTURK’s headline.

According to HABERTURK, the Istanbul Governorship said the game was postponed after "serious intelligence" about security concerns was received.

The paper claimed that the terrorist organization PKK would attack with a bomb-laden car while three ISIL members were preparing for a suicide bombing.

“The derby postponed,” was MILLIYET’s headline, while VATAN said: “Postponed at the last minute”.

In a related story, Turkish papers reported that Turkey’s police department is pursuing three ISIL members.

“Three suicide bombers are missing,” was CUMHURIYET’s headline. 

CUMHURIYET said that the police department announced that three ISIL members got orders to carry out suicide bombings.

“Police have been looking for them and gave their photos to the press,” the paper reported.

Meanwhile, some Turkish dailies covered US President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba.

“A historic day in Cuba,” was MILLIYET’s headline, saying that Obama arrived in Cuba on Sunday with his family.

Obama will spend three days on the island, first doing a tour of Old Havana and a trip to the Havana Cathedral, where he is expected to meet with Cardinal Jamie Ortega.

During his stay, Obama will also visit the recently reopened U.S. Embassy in Cuba and talk to the staff and families there.

HABERTURK and HURRIYET also covered the visit on their front pages.

The U.S. and Cuba began a normalization process last year and restored diplomatic relations by mutually reopening embassies after approximately 50 years.

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