Wednesday's dailies devote front pages to deadly terror attacks in Brussels


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Wednesday's papers devoted their first pages to one main story: the Tuesday blasts in Brussels, which killed at least 34 people and left more than 100 others wounded. 

"Terror hits Europe's heart," was MILLIYET's headline, which said life in Brussels - home to EU and NATO headquarters - was “destroyed” by attacks on the city's airport and a subway station. 

The paper wrote that the Brussels airport attack was carried out by "suicide bombers" who blew themselves up after shooting in the building first. 

Showing a picture of three suspected men walking with their luggage carts at the airport, the paper said one of them ran away after the explosion. 

The first two blasts took place at the Zaventem international airport early Tuesday, which was followed by another explosion at the Maelbeek subway station more than an hour later, HURRIYET reported. 

The city's transportation was largely shutdown following the terror attacks, the daily wrote, adding that the European country heightened security measures. 

"Europe is in shock," was the headline of YENI SAFAK, which wrote that the country went on full alert with the successive attacks on Tuesday. 

A number of international flights and rail services to and from Brussels were canceled, according to the paper.

Turkey also warned its citizens from traveling to Belgium following the terror attacks, the paper added.

"We know that pain very well," VATAN headlined, recalling the recent terror attacks in Turkey, in Istanbul and in the capital Ankara.  

An Istanbul blast killed five people on Saturday, including the suicide bomber, and injured 39 others; the bomber was a suspected member of ISIL.

The attack came only a week after the one in central Ankara, which left 36 people dead and dozens of others wounded. The suicide bomber was this time a member of the terrorist organization PKK, who reportedly joined the group in 2013 and received training with the YPG in Syria.

The daily also said ISIL claimed responsibility for the Brussels attack late Tuesday. 

According to the federal prosecutor, police found an explosive device, “chemical products” and a ISIL flag in raids following Tuesday’s terror attacks.

"ISIL hits EU," was CUMHURIYET's headline which published a picture of EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini weeping over Brussels bombings. 

The paper said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly condemned the attacks and recalled his previous remarks criticizing Belgium's decision to allow PKK supporters to set up tents outside the EU parliament.

Last Thursday, the Belgian government had allowed PKK supporters to pitch their tents near the venue of the Turkey-EU summit in Brussels.

"There is no reason that the bomb which exploded in Ankara won't explode in Brussels," the paper quoted Erdogan as having said last week. 

The Turkish president called Belgium’s King Philippe to express Turkey's support, SABAH reported. 

Erdogan offered his condolences to King Philippe and condemned the terrorist attacks. 

“Turkey stands by Belgium in these hard times,” the paper cited him as saying. 

"Our people, who were exposed to terrible attacks by different terrorist organizations, deeply feel the Belgian people's pain and share it."

"Unity in pain," HABERTURK wrote in its headline.

"The strongest voices of solidarity and condemnation of the attacks came from Turkey, which has been facing terrorism for years," the paper wrote. 

It said security forces in Brussels had been on alert to possible terror attacks, after a counter-terrorism raid in the city on Friday led to the capture of Salah Abdeslam, who had been the prime suspect in November’s Paris attacks that killed 130.

All the EU countries have raised terror threats to the highest level, and the border between France and Belgium was closed, the paper added.


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