Turkish papers on Wednesday mainly covered Prime Minister Davutoglu urging people to go out and the EgyptAir hijacking


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Turkish papers on Wednesday mainly covered Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu urging the public to get out of their houses and live life, the hijacking of an EgyptAir plane, and the tragedy of a father who killed his gravely ill son due to allegedly unbearable suffering.

“Don’t be afraid, get out [of the house],” was ZAMAN’s headline.

ZAMAN reported that Prime Minister Davutoglu called on Turkish people not to hide in their homes but instead go out. 

“We should go out more than before. [We] should not hide in our neighborhoods or homes. Everyone should say ‘hi’ to one another,” Davutoglu told a parliamentary meeting of his party lawmakers in Ankara, according to ZAMAN.

Davutoglu made the call in the aftermath of terrorist attacks that rocked the nation in recent months.

Nearly 200 people lost their lives in those attacks, which struck prominent provinces including the capital Ankara and Turkey’s largest metropolis Istanbul.

“In spite of terror, go out,” was STAR’s headline, while HABERTURK said: “Go out.”

HABERTURK reported that the federation of shopping malls has come up with a new initiative.

“The slogan is ‘Embrace life’,” according to the daily, adding that the aim of the initiative is to take a unified stand against terror, to appeal to people in their routine daily lives, and to boost sectors ranging from tourism to industry.

The hijacking of an EgyptAir plane was covered by many Turkish papers. 

“A strange tale of a hijacker,” was HURRIYET’s headline.

The seven-hour ordeal began on Tuesday after Flight MS181 took off from Alexandria for Cairo.

A man threatened the pilot with what he said were explosives and forced the plane to land at Larnaca airport in southern Cyprus.

HURRIYET reported that the hijacker turned out to be a former member of the Egyptian intelligence agency who wanted to see his estranged wife.

HURRIYET also said the suicide belt the hijacker wore turned out to be a fake.

“When hostages run away, [hijacker] left alone in the plane,” was MILLIYET’s headline.

MILLIYET said the hijacker freed most of travelers except the crew and three passegers, but that even these people escaped one by one during the crisis.

“When the hijacker had no hostages left, he got out of the plane and was arrested,” the daily said.

“Not a terrorist. A stupid lover,” was VATAN’s headline, while YENI SAFAK said: “Lover’s terror.”

Many Turkish dailies covered a tragic story in which a father killed his 23-year-old son, who has been suffering from colon cancer for four years. 

“Either kill me or let live,” was VATAN’s headline.

VATAN claimed that Fatih Biricik begged his parents to kill him because his suffering had grown unbearable.

“But the parents were at a loss over what to do. Fatih said, ‘I have been suffering so much. Shoot me, Dad. Please! Either let me live or kill me’,” VATAN reported.

The daily said the father, Salim Biricik, eventually complied. Police later detained the father.

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