Turkish dailies covered statements of Turkish foreign minister in regards to anti-semitism, discovery of Higgs Boson by CERN, operation against DHKP-C and victory of Turkish football team Fenerbahce.


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All of the Turkish dailies covered the reaction of Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to US Congress' call on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to retract his recent comments on anti-semitism. "We owe no explanation to anyone" headlined daily YENI SAFAK and "No explanation needed" headlined daily VATAN referring to Davutoglu's statements where he said that Erdogan had made statements against anti-semitism more than any world leader and Turkey was against all types of racism. "Turkey has a history that owes no explanation to anyone on this matter. We are against anti-semitism. However, we have always stood up to the expansionist policies of Israel in the region and its violent attitude," Davutoglu said according to the dailies.

Turkish dailies also covered the discovery of a Higgs Boson, a sub-atomic particle which will go a long way toward explaining what gives electrons and all matter in the universe size and shape by European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). "CERN discovered Higgs, searching for type" headlined daily ZAMAN, "No doubt Higgs Boson" headlined daily HURRIYET and "The particle searched for found this time" headlined daily RADICAL over the particle named after Peter Higgs, one of the physicists who proposed its existence but later became popularly known as the "God particle". Scientists still have a long way to search for its type, stated the dailies.

"Youth operation on DHKP-C" headlined daily MILLIYET, "Raid on DHKP-C - 11 steel doors couldn't avoid" headlined Daily TURKIYE, "11 steel doors at cell house" headlined daily SABAH over a police operation targeting the terrorist Revolutionary People's Liberation Party (DHKP-C) where special operation police forces raided a flat in Istanbul's Okmeydani district and broke 11 steel doors and found a cosmic room. Members of the terrorist organization started a fire and burnt the documents and hard discs belonging to DHKP-C. 13 people including 6 women were detained during the operation.

Dailies also covered the victory of Turkey's Fenerbahce soccer team where they drew 1-1 with Victoria Plzen of the Czech Republic in the second leg of round of 16 of UEFA Europa League in Istanbul. "Canary fled to quarter final" headlined daily SABAH and "European feast" headlined daily HURRIYET over the victory of Fenerbahce allowing them to reach the quarter final 2-1 on aggregate.



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