Turkish dailies covered the attacks on the ruling AK Party and Justice Ministry buildings, Turkish prime minister's statements in regards to the resolution of the Kurdish issue and the meeting of Pope Francis with Patriarch Bartholomew.


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All of the Turkish dailies covered the concurrent attacks on the headquarters of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party and Turkish Ministry of Justice building in the Turkish capital of Ankara. "Dual attack in Ankara" headlined daily MILLIYET, "LAW (light anti-armor weapon) rocket attack" headlined daily CUMHURIYET and "Two hand grenades, LAW attack" stated daily VATAN over the attack on Tuesday night where two hand grenades were hurled at Turkey's Justice Ministry building, slightly wounding one woman, and in a separate attack within minutes apart, a LAW rocket was fired on the headquarters of the country's ruling AK Party. "Turkey will overcome this, too" headlined daily YENI SAFAK referring to the revival of terrorist DHKP-C during the talks for the resolution of the Kurdish issue. Speculations on a DHKP-C leaflet left at the AK Party Headquarters also raised, according to the dailies.

Several Turkish dailies covered the statements of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on his way to Denmark. "Wise and influential men needed" headlined daily MILLIYET over Erdogan's idea of establishing a panel of "wise people" to help facilitate the talks to resolve the Kurdish issue. "Wise men should represent institutions. The involvement of people representing nongovernmental oragnizations, labor unions and business people would positively affect the process. We are working on this issue," stated Erdogan according to daily HURRIYET. "Preparation for wise men" headlined daily CUMHURIYET and "Wise men on agenda" headlined daily VATAN referring to the establishment of the commission where Erdogan also stated that subjects related to the Kurdish issue would not be discussed at the parliament.

Turkish dailies also covered the inauguration of Pope Francis' papacy with an address to 200,000 people at St. Peter's Square in Rome. "Pope and Patriarch meet at ceremony" stated daily TURKIYE and "The embracing that came after 959 years" headlined daily MILLIYET referring to the pope's meeting with Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew in a meet marking a millennium. It was the first time the spiritual head of Orthodox Christians attended a pope's inaugural mass since the schism between Eastern and Western Christianity in 1054.



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